the day we meet

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                Natalie's  POV

       (main person in the story)


ah I love getting up in the morning with the birds singing there own song and the lovely sun shining bright.

I get out of bed and get my iPod on its doc to listen to music

when  "make it up as you go " by plane white t's comes on i smile,I love this song, 10 minutes later I'm dancing in my shower as " boulevard of broken dreams " goes on

when I'm all cleaned up I walk out of my shower and rap  my self in my white fluffy towel .

I walked in to my closet and picked out some height waisted jean shorts ,a white crop top that showed some of my belly , my black slouch beany , and my black and white vans .

I grabbed my blow dryer and blow dryed my hair .duhh .when I was done they were in there bouncy blond curls like normal

I looked at my face and smiled I loved me I loved my bright green/blue eyes

my bouncy blond curls

my curves and just everything!!

after I'm all ready I grab my green and black penny bored , my iphone 5 ,and my ear buds.

I walk out the door on my bored and "counting stars" playing in my ears

I ride all the way to the beach sense today was Sunday and there was no school or work to do today

when I find a good spot to lay down I just sat there listening to "wake me up when September ends " when out of no were a vollyball came my way and almost hit my face but I caught it before it could

when I look up I was leterly shit my pants!!

there in front of me was Justin beiber and 1D !!

aghhh . there walking my way !! what am I going to do , what am I going to do !!!

when I look up they were right in front of me they said some things like how they were sorry and blah blah blah ... but when it was my turn to talk ughh you don't want to know !!


so what did you think ?

I just got bored and I was wanting to write  a story so I did .

well bye !! :p

p.s. sorry it was short

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