Chapter 3- Determined

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Chapter 3- Determined.

"Wait. What's EPF Pro?" I asked. "Well, let's see, It's the EPF but the mascots are apart of it." JPG said. I stood there looking blank. "It's hard to explain Ok?!" "Ok.. well, who's in this "EPF pro"?" I asked.

"Gary, Me, Rookie, Aunt Artic, PH (Puffle Handler), anddd...Dot." When JPG said "Dot" , he pointed to the trash can that was next to him. I narrowed my eyes. "Are you meaning to tell me that that's dot?" I said while pointing to the trash can.

"Yep." I looked around to see who said that.

Not Jet Pack Guy, Not Rookie, Not Gary, And definitely not PH. A head emerged from The trash can, and out came Dot. A smile spread across my face. "Good day!! Agents!" she said while dusting her hands off. We all said Good Day Back and went back to our conversation. "So, where's PH?" Dot asked.

"Actually, she should be here by now. A few hours ago she was examining The gold puffle's personality, but she should be done." Gary Replied.

"I'll contact her. And Aunt Arctic." JPG said. He whipped out this super cool techno Phone and started dialing. "Woa!! Where can I get one of those?!" I asked. "Whoops!" Rookie yelled. "Sorry, I forgot again." He handed me one that was Orange and black, my favorite colors.

"Ok. Aunt Arctic is coming down the hallway, but PH didn't answer." JPG told us. "Hmmm let me track her." Gary said. "SNAXX, your Spy phone please." I nervously gave Gary my Spy phone and watched him. "Gadzooks! She's in the Wilderness!" Gary screamed, after what seemed like a century.

"What?!" Aunt Arctic said, coming through the tunnel. "Hello, Director." They all said at once. Everyone did a sort of Bowish thing. "Wait, I'm confused.. YOUR the Director?!" I asked excitingly. "Umm.. Yes I think I am." She said Jokingly. "Now, Ph is in The wilderness?! She's supposed to be in the mine." Rookie Said.

"Well, yes. I'm thinking we are going to have to send all of the EpF agents for this case." Gary said. "You did that when I went missing right?" 😁 Rookie whistled. Dot coughed. "Whatever, just get everyone ready!" He said.

When they started to go down the long pathway, I spoke up. "Wait. Why can't I just do it?" "Snaxx, you see, um, We need more experienced agents. Some others don't get to go either." Gary responded. "Buy I'm a Ninja at the dojo... I- I-"

"Please. Your not ready. You will get hurt." "NO. I am Determined to save PH no matter what!!"

Without thinking I stomped out... Came out of The long hallway and looked up. I forgot That we were on a hole. When I was starting to turn back, Gary yelled, "You know, you can teleport with that phone right?" I hesitated. "Uh, ya I knew that, Thanks." I switched the know to teleport back to my house, and pressed Go.

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