Chapter 7

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Josh's P.O.V

We both started walking to the house which was around the corner from the bus stop.

About 5 minutes later we reached the house. I unlocked the door gesturing shae to come in.

" Mom we're home. " I yelled walking into the kitchen.

" Hey sweetie, and this must be shae. hi, Josh talks about you ALL the time " My mom said shaking her hand.

" Mom. " I said hoping she'll get the hint.

" Haha Okay. " She said " so are you guys hungry ? "

" No, i had a big lunch. i actually came here to film a video with josh. " Shae said smiling.

I grabbed her hand and once we reached the first step of the stairs i picked her up over my shoulder and started walking up the stairs. She started laughing and kicking., trying to tell me to put her down.

I couldn't help but laugh at how cute her laugh was so i carried her all the way to my room and placed her on the bed. She sat up in the middle of the bed crossing her legs.

" So this is your room? " She asks interested and looking around my room.

" Yep, this is where i film all my videos and stuff " I added on.

" Its looks smaller on camera " She stated.

" I guess so " I said.

" I got an idea. Hold on " Shae said walking out the room and coming back with her backpack.

She pulled out a two smaller bags filled with makeup.

" Im gonna do your make up in the video ! " Shae said sticking out her tongue.

" Do i have a choice ? " I asked.

" Not really, so turn the camera on and start recording " She said patting the bed right next to her.

I turned the camera on and we introduced ourselves and she started applying makeup all over my face.

The whole video was filled with us laughing and kissing, it was actually kinda cute.

" Done ! " Shae said kissing me on both of my cheeks then peeked me on the lips.

" How to i look ? " I asked letting out a giggle.

" Haha beautiful babe ! " She said facing the camera fixing her hair.

We did the outro and said bye to my viewers.

Shae's P.O.V

As soon as Josh turned around to pack up the camera i tiptoed out of the room to get his mom and sister.

" Josh ! " I yelled surprising him.

Right as he turned around his sister, mom and i took pictures with our phones and laughing hysterically.

" Very nice guys " He said walking over to me and carrying me as if i was a bride.

We walked out into the bathroom so we could get his makeup off.

He set me down on the counter next to the two sinks .

" Damn muscles " I said hopping off the counter to get the makeup remover.

I started removing the makeup section by section and giggling every once in a while.

" Why do you laugh so much ? " Josh asked WHILE laughing.

" Because i just feel so happy and free when im around you.. now close your eyes " I told him so i can wipe off the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

" I can't believe i let you do this to me " He said.

" Me either " I agreed biting my lip.

After i took off all the makeup and cleaned up the mess his mom dropped me off at my house.


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