Chapter 3

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The games. Is the games all the capitol thinks about. Create the games, prepare for the games, celebrate the games, wait for next years games! The capitol is sick. I'm really glad I'm not a capitol resident.

For as long as Abbi allows me, I stand in front of the mirror and practise my best 'I'm not interested in anything look'. After about three minutes Abbi finally just enters the room and shouts at me, "Haymitch! Get out here now! And smile, your on camera!" On camera with you, more like it. That's what I want to say, but that will just end up with more punishment, I am late. The crowds aren't as big as they usually are, and very few cameras are still rolling, obviously they don't really care about district 12, but they must get at least a couple of seconds on each tribute. I can imagine Thom, putting on his most winning smile, and making the crowd go nuts. Now that he's gone, there's nothing left to see...

The remake centre. Where all hell awaits me. I know that as soon as I walk into the room, I'm dramatically late, and most of the other tributes have already been started on, being prepped. My prep team consists of a trio of idiots, I can see that as soon as I walk through the doorway. They're just sitting there, talking very fast in their stupid capitol accent, while playing with eachother's hair or straightening eachothers shirts/dresses alike. Two men and one woman. The first man I catch sight of is huge. His belly is so plump I'm sure he's going to explode at any second, his purple features only reinforce that feeling, because they're so striking I'm surprised he was allowed to do prepping at all because he looks like someone reeking with contagion. He introduces himself as Smee. The man sitting next to him is so skinny he could pretty much drop down dead at any moment, and he smells of shellfish. His suit is plastered with the stuff as well. The girl looks about the most sensible, with nothing looking too bad, but her hair is a disgusting pink, that she won't stop itching for anything. But her skin isn't dyed, and the rest of her body hasn't been changed in any dramatic way, she's just painted with makeup, as are all of them. The skinny man is introduced as Nicholas-Nicklebee or Niccy and the woman as Barbera, but she likes to be called Barbie. I instantly name them all idiot 1, 2, and 3.

To start off with, they begin on my face and hair, removing anything these capitol people find unattractive. As idiot 1 works on my nails, idiot 2 and 3 are consulting with each other in hushed voices, but I can understand enough to know that it involves getting the hair stripped off my body or not, but eventually idiot 3, the fat one, just bursts out in his stupid capitol accent, "Just leave it alone, he was late to begin with!". Phew.

I don't know what takes three hours to complete, but the idiots are working down to the last second, and eventually they just stand there beaming at me.

"There! You almost look as good as us now! And when Claudius get's a hold of you, you'll actually look like an attractive human being!" Then the trio start laughing as if that was the funniest thing they've ever heard! Well, with the stupid capitol humour, it probably is.

I'm handed a thin robe to wear, and am dragged along to yet another room, where I'm required to wait until my stylist, apparently called Claudius, shows up. For about five I just on the sofa awkwardly, until Claudius rushes into the room, handing me my costume, and frantically tells me to get into this and go. I don't complain. My costume turns out to be yet another unattractive coalminers getup. It's been like this for years. I slip into the ghastly outfit, and put on the matching headlamp, ugh, I look worse than my father going to work. Father, mother, my younger brother, Hugo, I miss them all. More then them I miss my girl, Kiera. If only I could just go home and stay with her forever. Kiera is the reason I'm going to try, really try, to win.


Yes, it was a very short chapter, I know.  But it will get bettter.  Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, I have been doing some research.

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