Chapter 4: Part 2

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"Come on big sis! Come to the water with us!"Rose begged her older sister. Ventas shook his head at her smiling, Lucia looked at Rose with a grin" No, no I got clothes to fold Rose you and Ventas go play. I'll join you two once I'm done."She ruffled her sister blonde curlly hair making her smile brightly." Ok big sis! Come on Bubba lets go to the water!" Ventas smiled and looked at Lucia" Keep a eye out, If you see anything near us or you , yell. Ok?" Ventas said to her and she nodded. Her sibblings walked down the hill to the pond to play, Lucia watched them as they played when she heard a noise. Her attention was drawn to the woods where there was a deer. She hadn't seen a deer in a long time sence she worked mostly in the city. Lucia was so attacted to the deer and didn't notice the walkers that started to attack Ventas and Rose. Hearing gun shots and seeing the walkers, Lucia ran down tothe pond in a dead sprint shooting walkers as she drew closer to her sibblings. When she came close to them, Lucia saw the bites. " Ventas! No,no,no,no Im sorry! This is my fault! Big broth-" His hands cuff her pale face and kissed her forehead. She shook her head out of his hands and wrapped her arms around his mid-section tightly crying in his chest" Sis... you know what you have to do and it's ok. I don't blame you. Please don't cry, I've never known my little sister to cry. " His voice was soft and calm tring to stop her from crying. Ventas's arms wraped around her and he rocked her side to side" I'm sorry.... I know I don't cry..." She sniffled and looked at her brother, His face was warm , eyes a steal grey color, short blackish brown hair. She studied it not wanting to forget it, because this will be the last time she will see him alive. Handing Lucia his classic revolver and pointed it at his head. His hands held hers while she held the gun" I love you little sister, Never forget the great times we had. It was great watching you grow up too become the beautiful woman you are now. Im glad I had you as my sister and Im glad to have Rose too. Stay alive and find safty. Find a new life. I love you, Goodbye Lucia." His words trailed off as the trigger was pulled and the bullet passed through his head. Once his body hit the ground she felt a small hand on hers, It was Rose she had a bite on her hand. " Big sis, I know its not your fault. Can you shoot me to? I want to be with big brother. Your the greatest big sister I ever had you were like the mom I never had. I love you Big sis please be safe and keep on going. Goodbye." Lucias face twisted in saddness as she raised her brothers revolver upto her sisters head. Her sisters face was pale like hers, Dark green eyes, Sweet smile, Pretty shoulder length blonde currly hair. " Good bye little sis.... I love you too and I will be safe for you and for Big brother. I will never forget you two." She pulled the trigger once more.

Tossing and turning in her bed Lucia sat up quickly in a cold sweat , Breathing harshly from her dream that felt like a nightmare. Her throat was dry and her chest felt heavy as if a load of bricks was laying on it. She looked over at the clock it read 5:40 am , She knew she couldn't go back to sleep . Pulling the covers off and sitting over the edge of the bed Lucia looked down at the part of her chest was exposed seeing a silver chain. Her hand grabed hold of the chain pulling it out of her tanktop , a pair of dog tags danggled and clanged together One was hers and the other was her brothers." Ventas.... You knew it was my fault..." She looked at his running her thumb across the raised letters and numbers. She sighed letting them go and fall aginst her tanktop and walked out the room bare footed. The fabbric of her jeans rubbed together making a soft noise. No one was awake from what she could tell so she desided to go to the break room." The food Daryl brought me isn't any good, better get something fresh. Should also check on Ghost." She said to herself as she walked into the breakroom and to the fridge opening it. The fridge had some fruits and alot of beers and soda, She took 5 apples, 2 bananas,and 2 cantalope slices." This should do." She closed the fridge and headed to the holding place block that ghost was in." Your up early." Doctor Edwins voice filled the hallway. He was in a grey shortsleeve shirt and dark grey sweatpants, Edwin walked up to her holding out his hands" May I help you carry those? You got quite a hand full." Lucia thought for a moment and handed him the apples . " Thanks." she didn't really like him sence he made her tell him where she got the scars. Lucia kept on walking keeping her head high and looking forward. Once she got to the room Ghost was in and walked in" Hey pretty girl. Miss me?" Ghost made soft horse noises and walked over to her nuzzling her cheek with her muzzle. Lucia grinned and scratched her neck " I'll take that as a yes. I've brought you some apples." She set down the fruit she had on the ground and grabed a apple from Edwin" You and here are pretty close. I've never seen such a relationship like yours and hers." He said as he watched Lucia feed the hungry Ghost. Lucia stayed quiet and nodded to what Edwin said."Find anything in the samples?" She asked and he looked a her. He frowned at her question because he know the answer. The doctor was about to speak but chocked on his words. She glanced back at him from over her shoulder with a cold look, studing his body language." I see." She under stood him even though he didn't say anything. Edwins eyes widen at her sudden understandment. He could tell she could read body language and facial expressions" How - How did you do that?" He asked." What? Read you? It isn't that hard , Once you use it over a hundred times while interigating and investigating. Back home they use to call me sherlock holmes because I can deduce a person or persons after a matter of a glance." She answerd as she fed Ghost a nother apple , The juices of the apple driped into her hand making it sticky" You piggy. I know your messy but you don't have to get my hand sticky."Ghost didn't care for what she had to say, she was happy that she had food. Doctor Edwin shook his head and watched the two. His attention was drawn away at the sound of a alarm. Edwin left out the room heading to the main screening room in a hurry. Lucia heard others following behind him, She scratched Ghosts nose" Don't worry, I'll be back. We are leaving this place." Ghost made soft horse grunts and turned around facing the other wall. Lucia closed the door and followed behind the others in to the main screening room." Whats goin' on?" Rick asked Edwin who was on a computer. " The generators are running out of fuel. " " What do ya mean they are running out a fuel?" daryl asked narrowing his eyes at the doctor." I mean were going to lose power here." He says looking up at daryl who had his arms crossed. Lucia thinks for a moment as the group and the doctor talk. " Why not refuel them? I mean there must be some fuel kegs still full. For a building like this there should be a great supply. " the group turned around looking at Lucia with a odd look. The doctor even gave her a weird look" How do you know this stuff?" Shane asked. " Believe it or not, I was a little bit of a grease monkey and I was also very smart." she said with out hesitation. Edwin pulls a key card out his pocket and hands it to Rick. " This will help you get into the basement." Rick nodded and Shane, Glenn, T-dog headed to the basement to check on the generators.

Hours passed, the men had returned and the power started to cut off. The air shut down and the hot water stopped working along side some lights. Lori, Carol and the kids were in the small game room playing a few board games. The men were in the screening room with Edwin. In the breakroom, Lucia was sitting at the table under the only working light in the room. She was looking at her hand, seeing the multiple cuts from punching the mirror. Sighing at her self she reached for her brothers revolver that was resting in its holster. As she grabed the butt of the gun and she started to remember her dream. Shakeing her head , she pulled the revolver from its resting place and brought it into view. Her hand hurt as she took the gun apart making sure its not damaged. Her wrist also started hurting but she ignored it and continued working. Humming a small tune as she worked, some one sneaks in to the room. A hand gets placed on her shoulder causeing her to look at the hand. Not being scared or startaled. Studing the hand , her eyes trailed up the fore arm to the shoulder. The smell of strong alcohol surrounded the hand. " You should get that bandaged, before you get an infection." She regonize the voice, it was Shane. Rolling her eyes and shaking his hand off her shoulder, She continued with the gun. She didn't like Shane, so she didn't want to have anything to do with him." I wont get an infection from the cuts in my hand. So don't bother with it." She said putting the gun back together and wipping it down with a old rag. Shane grabbed her wrist with a tight drunk grip and pulled it away from the gun." Hey! What do you think your doing?!" She asked while struggling to get her wrist away. His grip was strong and rough, He pulled her out of her chair tords him. " Stop fighting and let me see." He said through his teeth. His breath wreaked of liquor as he pulled her face close to his. Shane held her in a strong grip and pinned her to the table , A drunken grin crossed his lips." For a pretty girl you do get hurt alot, Maybe I can help fix those wounds." Using the hand he was holding her wrist with he grabed her other wrist pinning them above her head." Get off of me you drunk ass piece of shit!" She yelled but she was soon silenced his free hand that now was covering her mouth. Shushing softly to Lucia, he started to kiss her jaw line" I'll make all your pain go away." He said with a faint growl. Feeling his kisses go down her jaw to her neck , She started to kick her legs and managed to knee Shane between the legs. The force of the blow caused him to release her and she pushed him away. Getting up from the table and gos for the empty gun. Shane put his hands between his legs holding the hurt spot but anger consumes him. " You bitch! You'll pay for that!" He yelled and before something else happened Lori walked into the room. Looking at the two with shock and no words to be shed. Lucia looked at her , Grabed her things and left the room with nothing but a harsh and angered huff. Shane got up looking at Lori" Its not what you think Lori. Just go back into the room with Carl." He said with horse words and Lori left him in the break room. Shane growled and left the room as well. Lucia walked down the halls to her room, Dale saw her and tried to stop her" You ok?" Lucia looked at Dale, shook her head and went into her room locking the door.

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