Raylen P.O.V

"Damn girl, you had a child 5 years ago and you still look good" Cassandra complimented me.

"Not as much as you. You are working them sweatpants girl" I laughed at how ridiculous I sounded. After my photo shoot. I decided to stop by Cassandra's house, to check on her and little baby Sariyah Heaven Fountain. Who has yet to be born.

"I can't until she gets here" She said as she rubbed her 4 month old pregnant stomach.

"Me either, I can't wait to be an aunt"

"What if I'm not good enough though? What if she hates me, or what if she becomes a problem child. What if she smokes, or drinks, or she becomes a hoe. What if me and Jaden someday divorce, and she thinks I'm the cause of it" She starts getting teary eyed, and I comfort her.

"Cassandra, your gonna be the best damn mother there is can be. Sariyah is going to have two wonderful parents that love her to death. I mean look at me, I got pregnant at 17, by a boy that didn't give a damn about me and is in jail. Now he believes his real father is the man that I always loved and never gave a chance too. But let me tell you something. There is a difference between a father and a dad. A father is a person who shares the DNA of the child. A dad is someone who is always there. No matter what happens. He will always be there. And somehow, DeAndre filled both of those roles. If you believe you and Jaden will fill those roles, then there will be no problems. Trust me." By the end of my speech, we were both in tears. Once we go ourselves together, I left to go home to my boyfriend, and child. Who were both sleeping shirtless on a small double sized bed. I went straight to take a picture, and then shower, until I felt arms.

"Hey" I kissed his neck.

"How was work?"

"Good, I get the pictures in the mail in a week"

"That good" He kissed my cheek, and then started to make love to me. I hissed and scratched at the shower walls.

"Yes Daddy. Put a baby in me" I moaned, and that must have encouraged DeAndre because he pounded into me so hard I climaxed right there. He picked me up, dried me off, and we laid under neath the covers. In silence.

"Did you mean it?" He asked

"Mean what?"

"The baby thing"

"Baby thing?"

"You said, I could put a baby in you"

"Oh, of course"

"You think we're ready?"

"Well, yea, were 23, and survived raising a 5 year old. Your a wonderful father. I would love to have a child by you" He smiled. He is going to be so excited on Christmas.

"I love you so damn much, we're going on a date tomorrow, ok?"

"Yes sir" I smiled.

Tomorrow evening, I got up and went to a much needed grocery shopping.

Once I arrived, I walked down the aisles in search for my first item.

I was in the check out line when I felt someone's eyes on me. The person was staring. A sexual stare at that.

I look to my right to see the stare belong to a tall, fit, brown skinned man, who happened to just approach me.

"Hello miss, I couldn't help but notice your beautiful face, can I have a name?"

"Yes, taken" I paid for my items and went home.

Once the time reached 8pm, and I finished telling DeAndre what happened at the store, it was time to go to our mystery date. I freshened up a bit and got dressed in a Alice+Olivia Amena Long Sleeve Crew Neck Princess Dress with my Cream Crochet Overlay Platform Court Shoes, accessorized with my Cream Givenchy Bag, Pearl Stud Earrings, a pearl necklace, with the matching bracelet. I Spiral curled my hair and let it fall below my shoulders. I put on some pale pink lipstick. I thought I looked beautiful. Hell, I know I look beautiful. I walked down the stairs to join DeAndre who had on an all White button down polo shirt, some khakis, and some all white vans. He looked great, and by the dropping of his jaw when he saw me, he thought I looked good too.

"Oh my... DeAndre this is beautiful" DeAndre damn sure surprised me by bringing me to Daniel, the most expensive, and high rated restaurant in New York. It seemed as though he rented the place out because no one was here, except waiters and waitresses as they smiled as soon as we walked through the door.

"Right this may" The blonde hair woman assisted us. Once we were seated, all the tears came out. I'm a big cry baby.

"Babe, you aight? Did I do something wrong"

"No, you do everything right" I touched his hand over the table.

"Before we continue this dinner, I have something to say" I nodded my head for him to continue.

"Raylen Serenity Ora. I never believed in love at first sight until I met you. As soon as I saw you at that club, I knew I was going to make you mine. Damn, now that I think about it, I don't know where I would be without you. Even though Deon isn't mine, I love him as if he was. You two are my world. So that's why..." He stood up, got on one knee and pulled a box from his pocket, opening it, he revealed a 14kt White Gold, Split band Lucia cut Diamond ring.

"I'm not asking you to marry me. I'm telling you, because I can live without you" Oh yea, the tears were definitely none stop.

"Ok" I watched him slip the ring on my finger and I smashed my lips to his. I was trying to wait until after Christmas, since it's only weeks away to tell him the big news, but I guess I can tell him now.

"DeAndre, 2 months ago, I took a pregnancy test, and I'm pregnant, I wanted to surprise you on Christmas, but I guess now could do. Oh and it's a girl" I smiled, and he did also. He actually started to cry. This day couldn't get any better.

Once we got home, and made love like crazed animals, we also started to think of names.

"Hmm. What about Joanna?" DeAndre asked rubbing my stomach.

"That's cute but I want something more unique"

"What about Alex"

"That's a boy name" I groaned, this is hard. Deon's name wasn't even this hard.

"Ooh, what about Calista Rylee Jarrett?" I asked.

"That's beautiful, and we can call her Cali for short" I smiled.

"I love you" DeAndre kissed me. "And Deon" He kissed me again. "And Cali" He kissed me once more.

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