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Justin's P.O.V

"Jain. Why are you here?" I said through gritted teeth. I hate him so much. I kicked him and his crew off the tour for a reason. 1) because he hurt Kailey & 2) because he's an absolute dick.

"First of all its Jai. And second of all I just wanted to mess with my girl again. She loves when I do that. Don't you Kails?"

As soon as he said that I stopped him. "Jake, or what ever you fucking name is it's Kailey to you. I'm the only one that can call her Kails. And you can't take her and mess with her anymore. She doesn't like it, probably never did. She's mine now. So you can leave."

"JAI. And hah, you think you can get rid of me that easy? Think again Beaver. I'm here to get what's rightfully mine." I laughed in his face. He threw a punch at me I caught his fist and twisted his arm around. I kicked him in the gut he fell to the ground with a loud thud. I punched him maybe twice and he was out.

I walked to Kailey and wiped her tears. I turned back around and said "Listen I swear Luke if you don't keep your brother away from me or Kailey, I will put a restraining order on him and I will most likely kill him if he comes back alright?"

"Alright JB, we'll make sure he stays away. We are only here because he said that if we didn't come he would leave the band. And I can't let that happen. Sorry bro."

"It's alright bro I understand. Just get him outta here before he wakes up. I don't want to see him anymore. See ya!"

"Bye." That's all I heard from them because I turned around and went back to Kailey. I'm wondering why she is so upset, and quiet. Hmm.

Kailey's P.O.V

Justin turned around and hugged me tight. I silently cried in his shoulder from so many nerves going in and out of my body. I got the courage to tell Justin so I said "Justin we need to talk. Like now."

"Ok babe. Let's go in our bus." We went in the bus and I sat on the couch facing Justin and thought of how I would tell him. Once I figured it out I sighed and said, "Justin you remember like 3-4 weeks ago how I lost it to you?" He nodded his head and said "Yeah." "Well did you put on protection at all when we had sex? Like ever?"

He thought about it for awhile but finally said "No I was to caught in the moment. Sorry." he blushed and lowered his head in shame. I picked his chin up and smiled at him reassuringly he smiled back. "Justin it's alright because, I'm carrying a little life inside of me. And its ours." He looked shocked and upset. I was scared, nervous, everything.

Justin's P.O.V

Little life. Ours. Little Life. Ours. Little Life. Ours. Little Life. Ours. Baby. There's a baby in her small stomach.. I'm nervous, scared, upset, sad, but most of all I'm happy. I'm as happy as a little boy that gets a little red trike for Christmas happy.

I got up and started pacing around from the nervousness taking over the most. I'm nervous. I then felt so much happiness take over that I stopped and turned around smiling.

Kailey's P.O.V

I literally felt my whole world crash down when he stood up and started pacing. But when he stopped he looked at me and smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen on a person. I was relieved and happy. He ran to me picked me up and spun me around while laughing. I started laughing along he is so cute.

He ran outside and started running in the rain. Wait when did it start raining? Oh well. I smiled when he set me back down on his feet not caring if his shoes got dirty. He passionately kissed me with so much love. I kissed back with the same amount.

I mumbled an "I love you Justin so much I'd die for you and this baby." in his ear after so know one else knew. I want to keep it a secret until I start showing.

He also mumbled "Kailey, no matter what, I will love you through anything. Til death does us part, til after, til the world ends, and even after all that, I'd still love you even more. I will keep this baby and you safe no matter how frustrating or hard it gets. I love you baby!" He bent down just a little and said "And I love you too little munchkin." he gently kissed my tummy and came back to my lips and kissed me again.

*Both thinking it*

This couldn't have gotten any better at an any better time to. This happened at the perfect time, and I don't think I would ever change the decision I made today. I told myself that even though I am I teen mom/dad, I can still support my child no matter how tough it is. I will support this child just as much as a parent at 30 could.


Aww now wasn't that the cutest ending? They think the same way. Anyways. I had a blast writing this one. It was cute mixed with a little spice!


1) How do you think this turned out?

2) Will Jai stay away?

3) What will the crew say?

4) Did they make the right decision?

Sorry for all the questions haha. Tell me what you think!

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