Chapter 9

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I wipe my hands on my shirt when I stand up. I see Pilar in front of me, She looks like she has been crying, and it’s all my fault.

“Pilar I’m-“ She runs out of the field over to Rhiannon.

“Look, Kells. I know that you must be angry at me, I am truly sorry for making you mad but, you made Pilar cry Kells... you know you could’ve stopped yourself from chasing her..but you didn’t did you?” Rhiannon shook her head and held on to Pilar and started walking away.

“Wait!” She turned.


“I’m am really sorry..” I looked down at my shoes.

“*Chuckles* I am not the one you should be saying sorry to.”

And with that, she walks away, taking the love of my life with her. Forever

*Pilar’s POV*

It’s been a year since I saw Kells. A lot has happen since, like:

1.       Me and Rhiannon became Best friends.

2.       Kylen moved, but we still keep in contact.

3.       I moved  to Cleveland, into my own Apartment.

4.       But, something weird has been going on lately…

Rhiannon came over and we both are watching T.V right now. When I was skipping through the channels one channel caught me off guard…The News.

News reporter”

“Hello everyone! It’s Niomi Winter here on NBS News. I am here in Cleveland right now with a sick scene folks. Last night there was a killer attack on several people here in the town. Now, you might be thinking about a plain old attack like, being shot. Well, no. I am talking bites and Scratches everyone. Scientists states that it is a Werewolf-“

That word hit me hard in the stomach…Werewolf.

There is a carving in this man’s chest as you can see, it says, “My lovely Pacsun” We have no Idea what that means folks. But, this is Niomi Winter saying lock your doors and have a great night everyone, Ceya!”

I look over at Rhiannon.

 “Could it be?” She nods her head.


“Yeah?” She turns and looks at me.

“If he does come back..I just wanted to tell you something VERY important.” Okay, now I was scared.

“Go ahead.” She looks nervous.

“Okay, ThecounciloftheWerewolvessarecomingafteryou!” She says really fast.

“Okay, say that again..but slower.”

“The council of the Werewolves are coming after you!” Oh my god…


“You okay Pilar?”

“Can I just get some time alone…”

“Okay, call me if you need me, kay?” She comes over and hugs me.

When she closed the door, I dashed to my room. I started throwing stuff and getting angry!

“WHY ME!?!? I WAS JUST A FREAKING NORMAL 18 YEAR OLD GIRL 1 YEAR AGO!!!” I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and saw- My dad?

*Author’s note*

Don’t be mad….but that plot twist tho? Haha! Welp, you wil have to find out with the heck in the world her dad decided to show up after all these years. Bye my lovelies(: .

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