Chapter 32.

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The next day, late in the afternoon, Leesha and Aubrey got ready to leave the hospital. Neither of them had slept yet as they spent the whole night talking. Even though they both felt tired, they also felt like it was new start for them. They rolled up to Nebby's house and she brought Chelsea out to them as Aubrey didn't want Leesha moving around.

"She was great as usual." Nebby said as Chelsea crawled into the car.

"Thanks, Neb. Honestly a life saver."

"Anytime, Aubrey... You good Leesha?"

"Yeah I'm good, thanks. Just tired."

"Aww, make sure you rest up. I'll see you guys whenever."

"See ya."

They pulled away and made their way home.


"Yeah, Chel?"

"You scared me."

"Aww, baby! I'm sorry, I was just hurt-"

"No, when you was hitting that lady. I thought she was gonna die cause her head was just flying to the side."

Aubrey tried to suppress his laughter.

"I shouldn't have fought in front of you but she tried to take you away from me. She had it coming."

"You're like my superhero now cause you saved me."

Leesha looked back and smiled at her.

"One thing I wanna know. What happened, Chel?" Aubrey said, as he pulled up at the house.

"When I went to hang my coat up, the door wasn't shut properly so she opened it then saw me then grabbed me."

"That's when you called us?"

"Yeah. She told me to shut up but I didn't listen to her."

"Good. She's a horrible person."

"What if she comes back for me?"

"She wont, Chel. Trust me."

They got out and walked up the steps to the door. They went in and Aubrey made sure the door was shut and locked properly. Leesha went straight into the living room and laid across the sofa before switching on the TV. Aubrey sat next her, making her stretch her legs out across his lap, and Chelsea laid in front of Leesha.

"Mommy, do you still have a baby in your belly?"


"Why don't you have a big round bump then?"

"Cause it has to grow. Give it a few months and you'll see a bump."

"Can we still play?"

"Not for the next few weeks, baby. The doctor told me that I need to stay in bed so I can get better."


"You can help daddy look after me though, you like that?"



Leesha glanced over at Aubrey. She began to chuckle to herself as he was half asleep. She gently nudged him with her leg and he looked at her.

"Don't sleep now, Aubs. You wont sleep later."

"I'm so tired."

"You want a coffee?"

"Let me do it, you're supposed to stay in bed remember."

"I'm just making a coffee, Aubrey."

"I know but I don't want nothing to happen to you."

She took her legs off of him so he could get up. He yawned as he walked through the house to the kitchen and began to make them both a coffee.


"Sup, Chel?"

"Can you make me a hot chocolate?"

"Of course I can, baby."

Aubrey picked Chelsea up and sat her on the counter as she helped him with adding the hot chocolate and coffee to the cups.

Leesha sat and scrolled through her phone, when a certain post caught her eye.


Yesterday the wife of the biggest name in Hip Hop was rushed into hospital for reasons still unknown. She took to social networking site 'Twitter' to reassure friends and fans that she, Aubrey and their daughter were perfectly fine. It was all good until everyone noticed her wedding ring was missing. Earlier this week Drake was spotted out at a club by himself, also without his ring. Are they divorcing? The rings are gone, but no official statements have been released from either of them."

She laughed at the post and locked her phone as Aubrey came back in with her drink.

"Could you get me my ring please?"

"I forgot all about that..."

He went upstairs and grabbed both of their rings from his draw. He came back down and placed it on her finger before putting his own one back on. He also took out a small box and handed it to her.

"What's this?"

"Open it."

She opened it to see the ring Chelsea has picked out.

"Aubrey, it's beautiful!"

"I picked it out!" Chelsea said as she realized what it was.



"Damn, Chel. Good choice." She giggled to herself as Leesha took it out of the box and placed it on her right hand.

"Thank you, baby."

"You're welcome."

She sat up and kissed him a few times as Chelsea pretended to cover her eyes.

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