Why Me (harry styles)

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Emily's p.o.v

Author's note:

( please no hate, some of this information I made up so please don't judge, this is the first book that I have faith with so please support me! and I may give you a shout out!)


Emily's p.o.v.:

" Come on Em let's go" "coming", my and my mom are moving into her new boyfriend's,bob,house.

He currently has two kids, Taylor and Austin, but I have never met them and guess what my mom and Bob are engaged!.

I know right, well anyway me and my mom are moving into Bob's house, I begged my mom to let them move into are house but mom would just disagree and say 'why do you like this house anyway, it is soooo small plus Bob's house is huge!'.

Urrg, all she talks about is Bob, oh Bob is so this and he has that, you know some times I think mom is just using Bob and that sickens me.

I was caught from my thoughts when my mom bursting into my room and said "Emily Millicent Sw-" "no my name is Emily Millicent Roberts!" I screamed while cutting her straight off.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that and you are not keeping that dumb last name!, I was already disappointed when you changed your name and middle name but you are not keeping that last name!" my mom screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Really cause dad didn't have an approval of my name you were drunk and cheated on dad when you thought of it" "well it was very pleasant" my mom said smiling probably thinking about how well she had thought about my name but the thing is it was basically a waste of time.

"Fat Piggy Roberts is a nice and pleasant name to you well probably in crazy town!" I yelled while she got closer "you shut your mouth" my mom said then slapped me and said before she slammed the door while cracking it "take your words and shove where the sun don't shine!".

I whimpered in pain and fell on my bed face forward and then suddenly regretted it because my face hurt as much as ms.piggy shows off. I cried until 1:00 A.M. then fell in to a deep dark sleep...

Author's note:

I hope you guys like it, the next chapter brings you up to date and you will be very interested because the main idea happens in the next chapter.

- Emma Rose! <3

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