Chapter 6: Perfection Shouldn't Exist

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The first day of school was, well... Awful. Difficult. Don't even get me started on the school work.

The girls here are so freaking entitled it makes me want to throw up just being near them. The guys... Douche bag city.

If I hear one more dude talk about their "private jets" or the amount of women they "bagged" this summer in their condos, I may have to start slitting throats. Not really, but really.

All the girls here talk about are the popular guys, and they ogle Flynn like crazy. They even have bets on who he'll give into and start dating this year! But there are a bunch of girls who say he's going to be celibate, or just become a priest. "He hates women that much" is how Rachey put it.

Little did she know, he's been coming up to me in the hallways between periods to make sure I was okay. It was sort putting. I feel like this is all an act or something. No one is that nice to strangers, for any reason. If I almost drowned someone, I'd be hanging around out of guilt. But on his face, all I see is genuine concern.

I wonder how good of an actor he must be to pull off an act like this. Like he actually cares.

At lunch, Rachey and Lacey went right into talking about how "sexy" Flynn looks today. His hair was groomed and gelled to perfection, and his uniform didn't have a crease on it. Odd, considering most boys don't even know how to iron. Maybe he hired someone to do it for him.

"And did you hear about that girl who was being bullied by Frank? Flynn went right up to him and told him to cut it out, since the girl didn't do anything to deserve it. Apparently Frankie looked like he was gonna fight back, but you know how it is. Flynn wouldn't hurt a fly, and it's like kicking a puppy to fight him. He just walked away! God, why is he so perfect?!" Lacey exclaimed, and Rachey squealed, giving us confirmation of her feelings for Flynn.

There was that word again. Perfect. Nothing, and no one, is perfect. My sister is the living example of how everything is not as it seems.

Thinking of my sister, I remembered her ex-boyfriend, who was also given the reputation as a perfect person. Sure, he had the rugged good looks, he'd help an old lady cross the street, he was the quarterback of the football team and his grades were as high as mine, but he had his flaws. Lots of them.

He partied hard, which is pretty much how he and my sister existed together. He'd have drunk sex, and he got a girl pregnant while dating my sister. You could say she was a lot more than devastated.

There is no such thing as perfect.

With this in mind, I spoke up. "Nobody's perfect. There's got to be something wrong with him. He's probably got the mental capacity of a child," I told them nonchalantly, and went back to eating my food.

Then the guilt set in.

He's been nothing but nice to me, even if he was slightly creepy at first, but all he wanted was to be my friend, and I was talking badly about him. I'm such a horrible friend...

The girls gawked at me, and I sighed, knowing I was about to get an earful. "Oh em gee, you did not just question the perfection that is Flynn Ellis?!" Rachey asked pretty loudly, so I spun around in my seat to make sure no one was listening, but of course, some over obsessed girls snapped their heads in our direction the minute they heard his name. I rolled my eyes and turned back to face them.

"Yes. No one is perfect. He has flaws because he's human; he's not God." I told them simply, and they all scoffed.

"You cannot deny that he is the God of something," the girls smirked at each other as Rachey finished Lacey's thoughts:

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