Chelseas POV

"Justin stop." I whined

"Get up." He said still jumping on the bed

"No." I groaned

"Cmon, its time to go." He said jumping even closer to me

"Alright, im up." I said sitting up

"Ha." He said plopping down on the bed

"Shut up." I said pushing him off the side of the bed

"OW." He yelled over dramatically

"Oh shut it baby." I laughed getting up

I went in the bath room and threw on a pair of black legging and a sweatshirt, I braided my hair back before exiting the bathroom.

"What took you so long." Justin whined

"Your just a crybaby today aren't you!?" I said smiling

"Yes, yes I am." He said getting up

Over the past few days me and Justin have been getting closer, hes now like my brother. I was so lucky to have someone like him.

"Are you ready?" Justin said snapping me out of my thoughts

"Uh, yea." I said following him to the front of the bus

As we climbed off Kenny clears a path threw all the paparazzi and Justins fans.

"That was crazy." I said panting

"Its been worse." Justin said laughing

"So I dont have rehearsal for another hour and I heard this place has a gym, so do you maybe wanna come watch me work out." Justin said nervously

"Sure." I said smiling

He let out a sigh of relief, I followed him down the stairs and into a huge room with equipment all over. He took off his shirt and began to work out. His body was perfect, he had a 8 pack and the perfect v-line.

I just wanted to lick his body, he is that sexy.

"So, when do you get that off." Justin said pointing to my boot

"2 more weeks." I said pouting

"My arm is another 6." I said looking down at it

"That sucks, that means you cant have pythons like these." He said flexing his arm

Lord thats hot.

"Oh get over yourself." I said rolling my eyes

"Your just jealous." He said smirking

"Totally." I said sarcastically

"Hey bro! Hey Chels." Chaz said walking in

"Hey Chaz." I said shyly

"What are you two doing?" Chaz asked sitting down

"Well shes sitting on her ass and im actually doing something." Justin said smirking

"I would do something if I could!" I yelled holding up my arm

"Excuses, excuses." Justin teased

"Shut up Bieber." I said glaring at him

"Ohh you did not just tell me to shut up." He said getting up

"Hey! You cant touch a cripple." I yelled

"I dunno Chaz, she looks pretty okay to me." Justin said smirking

I got up and began to run, I wasnt very fast due to the boot on my foot. I heard Justins footsteps behind me and a second later two strong arms wrapped around my waist.

"Gotcha." Justin said smiling

"Thats not fair, im crippled." I said looking down at my boot

"Crippled but still beautiful." He said causing me to blush

I really loved this kid.

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