Chapter 1: Patricia's Story

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Patricia Curry. My best friend. My little sister. My life savor. She is perfect in her own little way. She underestimates herself really. She shouldn't. She has the most adorable chubby cheeks. She hates them though. I mean, they aren't FAT cheeks. they are just that kind of adorable cheeks. Then her figure. She isn't fat at all. She is the same weight as me. Her hair is a very light shade of brown, hazel eyes, freckles. She is beautiful. I hate that she puts herself down. But, it isn't all her. Kaylee. That girl has no right to call her fat, ugly, worthless. It eats me alive. I have almost hit Kaylee a multiple of times. She has messed with me too. She ruins lives, then laughs. I hate Kaylee. Then there is Lucas, Dakota, And more.. There were Four things going for her. One Direction, Next Generation, Maddie, and me. At least I hope me...  One Direction... At first she hated them... then she had that dream and fell in love. With Niall. My god. I loved to see her eyes light up when she would talk about that food loving Irish boy. Then, Next Generation is our band. Yeah. we have a band! Then there is Maddie and me. We met Maddie this year. She is a Directioner like us. We all started hanging out and then we added her in the band. We all have so much fun. Then, she was on her Facebook one night. She was looking at a picture of The Rake. And there was a comment. It was by a guy named Chandler Osborn. They got to talking. And soon they were friends. Then, after a week and two days, this boy became my baby sister's boyfriend. "So where does Chandler live?" I asked her. "Well, Washington State..." She replied. We... Live in Tennessee..

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