Chapter 1

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Today was the day you would finally tell him how you felt. You, ______, were going to confess your love to the handsom Luciano Vargas. You knew he wasn't the most polite person in the world, let alone the most caring, but there was something about him that you were just so attached to.

Your (h/l) , (h/c) hair was pinned up, a few strands of lose hairs fell to the sides of your face. You had done your make-up lightly,not so little to where it wasn't noticeable, but not too much to where others thought you were going through a gothic phase. Your eyeliner was done so well, it brought out your (e/c) eyes.

Your plain white sun dress flowed down just above your knees, allowing your brown cowgirl boots to take over the rest of your legs.

It was a Saturday and you were all gussied-up just for today. You finally had a chance to strip away your horrid school uniform and dress yourself in some much more suitable clothing. Besides, gold and maroon weren't the most attractive colors in the world.

You grabbed your purse from your nightstand and looked at yourself in the mirror one last time before heading out your front door and walking to the place you asked Luciano to meet you. You wrote him a letter of how much you liked him, hoping he would accept your feelings. As you daydreamed, you hadn't noticed that you were already at the meeting place. It was a small figurine shop just a few blocks from your house. You waited patiently at the corner for your crush. You two worked out the time of 1 o'clock that afternoon.

When the time came around, your anxiety heightened as you looked around excitedly. Ten minutes had gone by and you started to worry that he wouldn't come. 'Maybe he had chores or something?' , you thought to yourself. 15 minutes went by, then another 20. You were ready to give up. You felt silly for even think he'd like you back.

As you were ready to go back home, you noticed a guy, about your age, walk past. You turned around, only to get a glimps of his dark brown hair. It was the same as Luciano's and you immediately made the assumption that it was him.

You ran to the look-alike and grabbed his wrist.

"Luciano!", you yelled to him.

The man turned around slightly to look at you, his crimson eyes glaring down at you. You took a good look at him, noticing the sunglasses atop his head. When you saw a smirk wipe across his face, he let go of him quickly.

"'Sup, doll face. What's a pretty babe like you doin' grabbin' on to a stranger, hm~?"

Your eyes widened in surprise, feeling a blush come on to your face. You knew this kid. You saw him around campus everyday. He was on the baseball team, but his bat had rusty nails in it. You saw him walking around every single day, yet you couldn't remember his name.

"...-lo? -ello~? Yo, babe, you alright? Heeelloooo~?", he persistantly waved his hands in front of your face. When you realized you were spacing out, you looked at him. Another smirk creeped across his face.

"You got a name, beautiful?"

You swallowed the nerve in your throat and answered him in a shakey voice.

"__-____...", you managed to squeek out.

Oh god. You sure as hell hoped he didn't try anything. He was known around school for sweet-talking to the ladies then sleeping with them, only to leave them hanging out to dry the next morning.

He let out a light chuckle.

"Well, _______, I guess it's nice to meetchya. I'm Al".

You looked at him again, the one named Al. He was a bit rough around the face, but it was nice enough that you thought it looked pretty good.

Al tapped his shades a bit, causing them to slide down to cover his eyes.

"So, anyways, babe. You lookin' for somethin'? Because I've got some biz to attend to", he asked in a gruff tone.

His slightly muscular arms were now crossed over his chest as he looked down at you. You scratched the side of your cheeck in question, looking off somewhere else and trying not to make any sort of eye contact.

"I-I...I was supposed to meet someone here. But it looks like he won't be coming, so I was on my way home", you said lowly.

As you looked at the ground, you could feel his eyes glaring at you again. You usually didn't mind being watched by someone because you casually shook off the feeling. But his, oh, his glare gave you chills down your back. They made you feel cold and lifeless.

You heard an annoyed sigh come out from him. It was more of a growl, but there was air invetween. It was one of those noises you made when you really didn't want to do something, but you had to anyways.

"I guess you can come with me. Besides," he started.

He threw a hand up to a wall, blocking your way to run as he moved closer to you. He acted like a complete punk with the sly smirk and chuckle. He tilted his shades down only enough to look you in the eye with his deep red.

"A pretty face like yours shouldn't be roaming around the streets alone. Some pervert could snatch you up in brod daylight".

He looked you up and down, as if observing a body he'd want all to himself for a night.

"Follow me, and don't get lost", he explained, turning around and walking down the crowded sidewalk.

You didn't want to follow him. What if he takes you to his house? What if he tries to make a move? What if he drugs your drinking water, rapes you, and you get pregnant with his child and he won't 'fess up to it and you drop out of high school?!

"Let's go, _____!", Al yelled at you.

You quickly snapped out of it and ran to his side. Why the hell were you following him? You hardly knew him at all, yet there you were; right by his side.

You two walked down an empty street where it was silent. You looked around, admiring the houses and flowers. To make things less awkward, you tried to create conversation. You cleared your throat before speaking.

"S-So, Al. Where're you from?"

Al turned around completely, standing in front of you and walking backwards as he threw his arms up to make an 'X'.

"Hey! Whoa-ho-ho there, doll face. Back stories aren't my thing. Though, I am a bit interested in your life", he asked with a snicker.

You weren't in the mood, but you were nice enough to tell him.

"Well, there isn't much to tell. I'm your average teenage girl who obsesses over teenage girl things", you added at the end with a sweat drop.

His eyebrow rose at you in curiosity. You gave him that 'what?' look before rolling your eyes.

"I'm 17 years old, I live in my own apartment, and I'm a Junior in high school. Anything else you wanna know, pretty boy?!", you spat at him in an annoyed and frustrated voice.

He smirked at you before standing up straight.

"I'm 18 years old, I live with an idiot named Oliver in an apartment, and I'm also a Junior in high school. As for wanting to know more about you, I'd like to know if there's already been someone who's, how do I put this, 'Pleasured your Pieces'"?

He made an hour glass motion with his hands and arms. You felt your face burning up and couldn't tell if it was from anger or embarassment. You bit your bottom lip, not wanting to tell him the truth. So, you lied.

"O-Of course I have!", you lied to his face.

He looked at you in disbelief at first, asking you another question.

"With who?"

You heard footsteps coming up from behind you, but your gaze was focused on the other. You answered him quickly, not even thinking before speaking.

"Luciano Vargas".

The footsteps stopped right behind you. You turned around to find Lucaino standing there with a confused expression, a slight mix of anger. Your eyes widened in surprise.


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