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-Sawyer's POV-

"Shit." Daryl breathed behind me as we stared ahead at the Governor. He sat there with Milton. Milton. I was dumb for trusting Milton. And now we were never getting home.

"How nice to see you all in one place." The Governor smiled a fake smile. He eyed our bags. "Going somewhere?"

"O-of course not." I stuttered. I usually was good at lying on the spot, but the way the Governor smiled struck fear in my bones.

"I was just showing them around more." Merle said from behind me. I turned my face toward him and he nodded slightly as though he was telling me he's got the lying covered.

"That's quite unlike you Merle." The Governor answered with another fake smile. We all stood in the pin-drop silence, waiting for someone to say something. "Well," the Governor finally spoke. "I'm going to retire for the night." He stood. "You folks should too." He walked halfway out the door before turning back around. "See ya'll in the morning." When he finally shut the door, all six of us locked our eyes on Milton. I clenched my fists.



"We were so close." I growled, staring out the window of our bedroom at the now heavily guarded west wall. "Now what?" I flung the curtains shut in frustration. "He's probably got every wall even more guarded. How the fuck are we going to get home?" My chest started to hurt as I thought more. "What if Andrea goes into labor and we're not there to help? What if something happens and one of them turns and...? W-what if t-"

"It's ok." Daryl's arms closed around my waist and he turned me around to face him. Looking into his blue eyes already helped subside my fears. "Just forget about it for now." He softly kissed my lips. "It'll be alright." He kissed me again. My hands found his hair and I tugged gently. His kisses trailed down my face and to my jaw.

"By the way, where are the kids?" I asked. He brought his warm mouth up to my ear.

"I got them their own room so we could have this one to ourselves." He purred. My stomach jolted at the tone of his voice. His teeth grazed my earlobe and his hand slid over the curve of my hip. I pulled his face back to mine and crashed my mouth onto his. A moan escapes my lips into his mouth. Our kisses went from long, soft ones to short, eager, wanting pecks. I tugged up on the bottom of his shirt and he proceeded to pull it over the top of his head and toss it onto the floor.

His arms wrapped around my waist and he picked me up. He brought me over to the bed and sat me down. For the split second we were apart I managed to get my tank top over my head, leaving me in only my bra. He hovered over me and I leaned back onto the blankets. He bit his bottom lip before trailing his fingertips up my torso. He dragged his thumb under the wiring of my bra before forcing his hands under my back, undoing my bra and tossing it god knows where. He moaned in adoration as he cupped both my breasts.
"God, you're so perfect." He groaned before bringing his mouth to one of my breasts, his hand working the other one softy. The sensation from him sucking on my nipple made me involuntarily moan, earning a firmer hand on my breast.

He brought himself up and kissed me, taking my bottom lip between his teeth for a brief moment before working his way back down my body, planting kisses on my neck, then my breast, stomach, and finally to the hem of my underwear. His fingers looped under the hem and he tugged them down my legs, throwing them wherever he threw my bra. I propped myself up on my elbows just in time to watch him spread my already shaky legs apart. He again groaned. He put my legs over his shoulders, kissing slowly from my inner thigh towards my vagina. His last kiss lingered, knowing I was anticipating. I whined quietly, making him smile into my skin. He moved his hands up, gripped my hips and forcefully tugging me farther to the edge of the bed. He snaked his hand down and under my thigh, finally touching me, earning another whine. He slowly slid his middle finger from my clit down to my entrance. He looked up at me just before he slid his finger into me. He smirked at my reaction, knowing I was squirming for more. He pumped his finger slowly a couple times before he pulled it out.
"Daryl..." I groaned. "Please..." I sat up all the way, putting my hands in his long hair. He touched me again, this time gently spreading me open. He leaned in and glided his tongue over my already wet vagina, causing my breath to hitch and my hands to grip onto his hair. He traced slow circles over and around my clit. I could feel the muscles in my stomach tightening as he was now also using two fingers inside me to bring me close to my edge. I closed my eyes and let my head fall backwards and I moaned at the absolute pleasure.
"Fuck, Daryl..." He pulled his mouth away from me, his fingers still slowly but steadily pumping in and out, curling every once in a while, making me whine.
"You want it, baby?" He purred, only causing my muscles to tighten more. I nodded frantically, not being able to get out any words. He smirked at my response, removing his fingers and sucking them clean of the wetness he'd caused. This only turned me on more. I grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him up and on top of my naked body. He kissed me hard as I brought my hands down and worked on unbuttoning his jeans. He smirked at my actions. "Eager, are we?" he asked. I pulled him down by his neck and planted my lips back on his to keep him from talking. My mind started to let my natural instincts kick in. My right leg wrapped up and around his waist, causing him to let out a quick breath. I used my strength to flip him over and take control. I pressed my bare against his and brought my lips just under his ear, sucking on his sweet spot. I placed a kiss on the now purple circle on his skin. His hands found their way up to my face and held it in front of his. He brushed back the loose hairs that had fallen from my ponytail.

            "Are you sure you want this?" He asked. I nodded, my mouth suddenly dry.

            "I want this. I want you." I spoke.

            "I love you." As the words left his lips, my chest clenched. Maybe because I didn't know what to do. Maybe because I knew he was being genuine.

"I love you, too." I pressed my lips to his.

There was differentness to this kiss. There was the feeling of pure passion. In one swift movement, he had flipped us over so I was on my back once more. My finger hooked the waist of his boxer and I tugged down on them. I blushed at the sight of him. I looked back up at him. He grinned sweetly at me, gently placing a trail of soft kisses over my stomach and chest. His touch was so soft, so caring. His ran his hands down my sides, stopping and gripping my hips. Our eyes met and he brought his lips to my ear. I closed my eyes as I felt him enter me. The feeling was foreign but strangely wonderful. My back arched as he does it again. He begins to gradually speed up, my hips rising to meet him. With each thrust I was becoming more and more undone. My right hand grabbed at the sheets, my left one holding a fist full of hair on the back of his head. A moan escaped his lips into my ear. He hit just the right spot, making my toes curl and making me gasp.

            "D-Daryl, I-" My eyes flicker open for just a second and I watch him in amazement. His eyes are shut tightly, his jaw clenched in concentration. His hard muscles contracted and pulled against his slightly inked skin. The pain had almost completely disappeared as I watched him come undone. He buries his head in the crook of my neck. His breath is staggered, hot, and wild against my skin. He lays down next to me, pressing his warm lips to my neck. He wrapped his arms around my slightly sweaty body. He ran his fingers up and down my back. I looked up at him and saw pure love in his eyes as he stared back. I kissed him once before pulling the sheet from the end of the bed up over us. As my eyes closed and mind drifted to sleep, I could hear Daryl murmur, "I've loved you, Sawyer."

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