These next few chapters shall be very short because they are small fillers and I would rather keep you guys waiting for what I would do next than me put it all in one chapter.

The Human Mind is Not a Terribly Logical of Consistent Place

Chapter 11

I said my goodbyes to Leo and Kirk before I boarded the shuttle to London around 2:00 pm. The ride stopped in several places to pick up other passengers. When I finally arrived in London it was around 9:00 pm back in San Francisco but here it was 3:00am and I was tired. I walked to Section 31 where one of the officers handed me the information for my new apartment and the time I am to meet with Admiral Marcus. I arrived at the apartment it was large and filled with the newest technologies. “Man Admiral Marcus is really trying to make me happy,” I sigh before slipping into my night clothes and falling into a restless sleep for six hours.

I reported to the Admiral right on time sporting my new black uniform. “Good to see you Dr. Pike,” the Admiral smiled as I sat in the chair across from him.

“Thank you Admiral but I’m not here to play catch up, I just want to get this job over with and then get back to San Francisco,” I said looking at him sternly.

“Well if that’s the case then let me introduce you to John Harrison,” the Admiral said as we stood up and walked outside his office to where a man in all black waited. He was tall with well defined cheek bones and an angry aura surrounding him. “John Harrison meet Dr. Adrien Pike daughter of Admiral Christopher Pike in San Francisco,” Admiral Marcus said as John held out his hand and I grabbed it lightly.

“John Harrison,” he spoke in his deep and dark voice causing me to shiver lightly.

“Adrien Pike,” I whispered back.

“Bring Adrien down to Section 31, she is going to help you with your projects,” Admiral Marcus explained to John who stood there like a statue.

“How will a simple doctor help someone with my expertise?” John asked as I gasped, how rude.

“She isn’t a normal doctor. Dr. Pike is a powerful telekinetic and telepath. She uses her abilities for her work and they can be put to good use to help you,” the Admiral said as we walked down the hall. John scoffed as he looked at me with his stone cold eyes.

“Look I don’t want to be here either but it’s the Admiral’s orders. Let’s get to work so I can just go home,” I said looking at him as he squinted his eye down at me.

“Follow me,” he ordered me gruffly as he walked off towards the exit.

“You know you don’t have to be rude to me when you are angry at the Admiral for waking you up,” I said pushing his anger a little further.

“How do you know that?” John asked angrily looking at me.

“Admiral Marcus informed me and I read it here,” I said as I placed a finger on his forehead. “Your real name is Khan and you were asleep for 300 years and now you are the smartest person on earth today but smartness doesn’t make you great Khan emotion’s and the power to control yet feel make someone greater than a man that can build torpedoes to kill the innocent,” I said getting in his face slightly.

“Run that by me again Doctor because you don’t know anything about me and the way I feel. Now follow me!” John yelled as he kept walking down the hallway.

“You don’t have to be pushy about it John, I will always follow your orders. It is my job after all isn’t it, to help you and do whatever you say,” I said as I followed closely behind him.

“Is that really what you are here for, or are you here to get inside my head, Adrien.?I know what you are trying and I won’t let you do it,” John said not looking at me.

“Do you? By my better judgement I would say that you are lying and you are just trying to get me discouraged so I wouldn’t ever get inside your mind again, bbuuttt I already know you inside and out, one little touch of the palms and I can read your every thought John,” I mocked as I could see his anger rise in him.

“I’m lying? I do believe you are lying. . . Doctor. You cannot prove a single word you have said, all you are doing is trying to fill my mind with useless words to get me to bend to your will and I will not let it happen,” John said looking down at me.

“Very good John you won’t tell me things easily but I assure you I will find out one way or another,” I smirked raising an eyebrow.

“Have fun trying Doctor, I can promise you that. Now be quiet, your voice is starting to annoy me and we have work to do,” John said with a smile behind his stone cold face. 

Oh, Khan you may not know it but I already have you wrapped around my little finger, I thought to myself as we started work on the torpedoes.

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