Chapter 21

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Once we had gotten back to the house Lesane was still silent. I took Kaia up to her room and laid her down for her nap then went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. I saw him walk past the kitchen and out the front door. He wanted a DNA test so he got it. He doesn't have to tolerate her if he doesn't want to. I know the true results so it doesn't even matter. It does hurt for him to give me the cold shoulder like this. I told him I'm sorry a million times. I thought these results would bring us closer, but they only separated us. I should've kept it 300 with him. I just didn't know how.

"Hey boo."

I looked up to see Maya in the doorway.


She went into the fridge to get a bag of fruit and the whipped cream then sat at the table. I grabbed 2 bowls and sat with her.

"Did you guys go for the DNA test?"

"Yeah. Just got back maybe an hour ago."

"How did it go?"

"Tupac hasn't said a word to me since we got the results."

"Where is he?"

"He left. Didn't say where he was going. I could care less though cause I know wassup. It's about me and my child."

"Damn girl, but I feel you."

(**LIL TEASER**) ;-)

The results could go either way. He could be the father. Could not be the father. Or the results could've gotten mixed up.

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