34-Broken legs

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Maddie m:i am going to bed..

Maddie o:Okay

Maddie m:Night liam and niall

Maddie o:what about me 

Maddie m:Maybe later......

Maddie o:im sorry maddie

Maddie m:Goodnight

Maddie m**Leaves the room**

Niall:Shes mad at you

Maddie o:Ik

Liam:U should go talk to her

Maddie o:Yeahh

Maddie o:**goes upstairs to maddie**

Maddie o:Im so sorry ur my bestfriend ily

Maddie m:Ur just saying that so i wont be mad at you

Maddie o:no i am not

Maddie m:Okay im not mad at u anymore can u go get liam to make us food

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