Chapter 6

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(Louis’s Pov)

I slowly open my eyes but they are still covered in black. I start to kick and shout for help, when a hand comes in contact with my face.

“Shut up!” I male voice says after I was slapped. I feel I hand over top of my head and then a flash of light covering my eyes. Everything slowly gets back to regular lighting. I look around quickly to try and figure out where I am. I look to my right and see Zayn and Harry ans on my left I see Liam. Then right in front of me is Niall chained up like someone in jail in an old fashioned movie. Niall looks up at us and all I see is black in his eyes, no ocean blue eyes only black. He looks worried at us and hangs his head back down again.

“Niall!” I hear Liam yell, “ Niall what’s going on!” Worry in Liam’s voice scares me a little.

“Just go to sleep Liam.” Was all that Niall replied before Liam passing out into a slumber. What the heck, did Niall just force Liam to go to sleep? This is just a nightmare that I’m having, I’m just asleep in the tour bus with all my friends and nothing abnormal going on.

“Well well well. Isn’t it Niall Horan, or should I say your real name?” I tall male appeared beside me resting his hands on the chair I was tied to.

“I don’t even know what your talking about, and who the hell are you!” Niall raises his voice at the mysterious male.

“Oh, well should I tell your friends who or should I say what you really are?” The man said

“Niall, what is this guy talking about?” Harry asks in a scared voice. I look over at him and see two guys behind zayn and Harry. I look over to Liam, who is awake again, who has one behind him as well.

“Well you see, Niall isn’t actually who he says he is. He’s-” Niall cuts one of the guys off

“Let me tell them!”

“Okay go ahead.” The guy motions for Niall to go ahead.

“Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn. I didn’t want it to end up like this but its for your guyses safety. I’m not a ‘human’ I am a fallen angel. Harry thats why you say me run faster than normal, Louis thats how I made Liam fall asleep my just saying it. I would of told you later but then these asses came here for I have no damn clue. I am so sorry that you guys have to be in this. One thing to make clear is that I have no clue what my real name is, why don’t you guys tell me and my friends.” What the heck did Niall just tell us. He can’t be a fallen angel those things are only myths, not real life things that walk around the Earth.

”Well Niall and friends, your real name is Nixon. You got your name Niall because it was what you were suppose to be called before you got your wings ripped out and then Niall Horan came to your mind making you think that it was your real name.” The man finished and they all started walking towards Niall. ”Oh, and we figured out that you're after Mackenzie so you can become human.” he bent over to Niall’s face. Niall’s face went from sorrow to filled with anger with the mention of Mackenzie’s name.

“Do not even think about fucking touching her!“ Niall yelled at the men. The guy closest to Niall just laughed at his statement.

“We don’t have to touch her because we already have her.’’ The guy whispered in Niall’s ear but allowing us to be able to hear what he said. I saw Niall look straight at me before everything went black.

(Niall Pov)

I made Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry get knocked out so they won’t have to see me do anything weird, in their opinion. My anger had finally reached the point where I couldn't control what I was going to do next. I pulled the chains that were currently holding me in place. I pulled as hard as I could trying to get out of them. The four guys just laughed at me while I used all my strength to get out. I pulled hard one last time making a huge crack echo throughout the room and the laughter stopping. I got up and saw one of the guys running towards me as fast as I can run. I whip the chain on my hands and swinging it at the guy. One of the chains wrapped around his torso and the other to hit his leg hard making blood spill out like crazy, but I didn’t care. I used my hand with the chain around his torso and made it so it was tight. I smirked at him and used all my strength to fling him towards the roof. The last thing I hear is a painful scream and a thudding into the floor.I quickly turn around seeing two of the guys running towards me. I start to run to them and take one of the chains in my other hand creating a loop. I jump over top of them and wrap the chain on the right guy’s neck and pull down to the floor as hard as possible. I pick him up and again and look for the other guy, who was running with him, to come back. I use one hand to hold the chain on the guys neck and the other hand waiting to find the other guy.

I soon spot him behind Louis. I run faster than ever causing him to get caught off guard. I jump over him and whip the free chain around his ankles making him fall hard to the floor. I stalk over to him and whip my hand causing the chain to break off of my hand but keeping the chain on his ankles. I pick him up by his throat and look him right in his eyes only to see black.

’’ This is for ruining my life.’’ I took the edge of where the chain broke off of my hand and cut his neck hitting his arteries killing him quickly. I go over to where I was chained up and find a bar close enough to the ground for me to hang the other guy in my hand. I break off the last chain off of my hand and jump up grabbing the bar. I wrap the chain around the bar and leave the guy hanging from the bar. I let go and land back onto the ground and hear claps coming from behind me.

’’ Wow Nixon, I did not think you had it in you to kill three people.’’

’’ They aren’t people, they were like me and they ruin my life.’’ I shot back at him while turning to face him.

’’ Well yes, of course they ruined your life. Do you really know why you become a fallen angel? Its because we got you like this. You didn’t get your wings ripped out by the angels. We are the ones who did it. We did it because you have something that we don’t.’’

I run up to him and he tried to punch me but I jump before he could even touch me. I grab his head while I’m in the air. I land on the ground and snap it before he could do anything to stop me.

I drop his body and go over to Liam and put my hands on his face. I make him think that this was only a dream and was safe on the tour bus. I did the same to Louis, Harry, and Zayn. I untie them and pick them all up with some struggle.

It took me a while to find the door in the limited light but end up finding it and running back to the tour bus which wasn’t very far in my surprise. I enter the tour bus and quietly set the lads down and head to the roof of the bus. I head up there and just sit up looking at the stars, how I wish I was able to go asleep. I sigh and put my head in my hands trying to forget all the things those guys said to me and try to see what Mackenzie was doing at the moment.



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