a/n: heya guys! So as you can see this is my first story, and it's a teen fiction/romance. Obviously it's gonna be a bit cliche, cause I'm not a really experienced writer and love stories are so much more fun to write when it's a bit cliche. I myself really like romances, although I do believe that there are things more romantic than sunsets and beaches. I really hope you enjoy this anyway, so read away!


Love wasn’t the target. Him and I both had dreams and goals to fulfill, but somehow our own targets weren’t the only things that got hit. Our hearts somehow came into the equation too. 

He made you feel something. Maybe it was utter embarassment as you suffered under his stone cold gaze, maybe it was complete infatuation and admiration for someone who was gorgeous, maybe it was complete and utter jealousy that slowly unravels into hate. It doesn’t matter who you are, he made you feel something. Made your heart beat faster and your eyes fall to the ground, he was a force to be reckoned with, he was a spark. 

And I was me.

It was different before I met him. School was everything to me, my past, my future and my present. I was nothing without my brain, without school. All I wanted was the role of valedictorian, somehow that was enough for me at the time, at least I thought it would be, but he changed that. Life’s different for me now, it’s more, so so much more.

He was Tobias Langley, senior, 18, barely passing school. At first glance he seemed cold, stony, almost as if the world had shaped him to be immune to all dangers, but that couldn’t be true. He was known as the “bad boy,” or however bad you can even be in high school. Tobias surpassed all expectations and challenged all pre-existing thoughts about him. He was different somehow, he had a tale to be told, he was a closed book waiting to be opened.

I just couldn’t believe it would be me.

I was the shy kid who was super smart, had the highest test scores, never spoke out unless she had good reason, and was the person everybody went to for help. I was okay with that, being ordinary was okay. Having dreams that I knew I could complete was okay.

Until it wasn’t.

And this all started with a katana. 

a/n: i hope hope hope hope hope you liked that. 





Do the whole shebang (hey that rhymed) 

Love you love you, and thank you so much! 

- Donna

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