I put Kathrina in my mother's waiting arms and ran through the joined doors. Lea was in a corner by the door while a creature laid, pratcially sprwaled, a crossed the floor by the window. when she seen me she ran to me and cried. Her and the baby were fine. I could sense it. A little shaken up but still fine.

     Christian began to pull us trpugh the joining doors while watching the creature at the same time. I pretty sure I could hear the warriors running up the stairs and Gavin pounding on the locked door screaming for Lea. I understand how scared he must be, being behind that door and not knowing what was going on, on the opposite side. Especially with the love of your life and the carrier of your baby on the same side as the chaos.

   "H-help me," It cried. We all stopped moving and looked at it. Really looked at it. Then, I noticed it was one of the ones with wind!

    "Christian, help him while I take Lea in the next room." He nodded and rushed to the guys side.

    When he rolled the wind creature over I could see it was Daniel. Daniel was one of our close friends and had a huge crush on Christian. Yes, Daniel was gay. We treated him no differently than we would a straight guy. We all still loved him even though he preferred guys.

    My bedroom door burst open and a very frazzled Gavin came in. He seen us and ran to Lea pulling her from my arms. She clung to him as he murmured sweet nothings in her ear to calm get down. I could remember the day I was almost attacked by that vile creature and almost raped. Christian and I were the same way.

   "I'm just....yeah I'm just gonna....go." I pointed towards the hallway and quickly left out the room.

   They barely noticed me leave and I seen Christian frantically looking around for me. I waved a hand in the air and he saw me. I could see him physically relax as he headed through the many warriors that were helping the wounded. Apparently there was a bunch of wounded out side because of an attack against us.

   "Damn, people. Freaking black things. " Christian mummbled as he reached my side.

   I shook my head and laughed at him. "Where is my baby?"

   "Right here."

   I would know that voice from anywhere. Sammy and Cameron were standing behind me at the top of the stairs with Kat in Sam's arms. Kat was my nickname for her. Sammy looked different. Her hair was no longer a a light brown but a dark brown and red tips. She wore blue Jean cut-offs, a bathing suit top with her favorite white bikini peeking out. Cameron looked the same. Shaggy brown hair vibrant blue eyes and that cocky smile of his jocky self. Football players and their cocky smiles!

   "Sammy!" I flung myself at them but making sure not to squish Kat or push us down the stairs. "I missed you guys so much! I was so upset when I had to stop going to school for a while but it was worth it. I mean, isn't she the cutest. I'm rambling. I'm back to being Rambling Calla."

   "Girl! just breath already." Sammy said making us all laugh. She pulled me down the stairs with the guys following behind us.

  We went and sat in the den. The room had a warm homey feeling to it. It was decorated with different shades of brown, black, and white. Sammy and I sat on the push dark brown couch with Kat on Sam's knee. Christian and Cameron sat on the couch opposite us.

    "Why couldn't you tell us? We're your best friends and wouldn't think different because you were pregnant." Sam said sounding extremely hurt.

    "Because it wasn't a normal pregnancy."

    "What do you mean by that?" Cameron asked.

    "Because it only lasted six months." Christian said this time.

    "How is that possible? She doesn't even look premature!" Sammy exclaimed lifting up my cooing and drooling sweatheart.

    "Sammy...." I said slowly. "Supernaturals are real."

   "What? What are you talking about? What does supernaturals have to do with Kathrina's birth." They both said.

   "I'm a werewolf, Sammy! They exist! Gavin and Lea are mermaids. Kathrina came when I was six months pregnant that's why I was gone from school so long."

   "No you're not! Stop playing with us." Cameron said.

  "Damn it guys! I'm telling the truth right now!"

    "Oh shit!"


So guys! Two chapters in one night! I felt that I owed you guys it since I haven't updated in like forever. If you don't forgive me I understand even though I wouldn't want you to hate me. Hate writter's block and still continue to read my story please :) Thank you bunches!!!!

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