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Once I entered the school today I saw Ria with her boyfriend Michael. I saw her look at me and smile. I smiled back wide. I don't know but I think Michael saw us and pushed her to the locker and started yelling at her and punched her. I ran up to him and pushed him.

"Wanna fight for this whore!?" He yelled. I growled "well maybe you should hit someone your own size!" I punched him as he tackled me to the lockers and punched my stomach. I felt my breath all go away just like my mother hits me. I ranged and breathed slowly and grabbed him by the neck and punched his jaw and knocked him out. I saw him lay there and I started breathing hard and before I knew it I fell to the floor. All I heard was "OMG! What happened!!?"

I opened my eyes to see what was happening and I was at the nurses office laying in bed and started sitting up slowly and I heard "relax slowly,please" it was Ria her smoothed voice calmed me. I felt something against my lips. "She's kissing me!!" I thought to myself and smiled kissing her back and whispering "please be mine Ria"

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