*Liams POV*

Jeseabelle was truly breath taking. I sit and watch as she sleeps. I notice things I wouldn't have been able to if she was awakes, like the little chicken pox scar she has on her left cheek. Or the little freckle she had on the base of her chin. And how naturally red her lips are.I also noticed little things whilst she's asleep.Like the way her lips were parted the slightest bit as her chest expelled carbon dioxide. How Jesabelle's nose and toes will scrunch up at the same time. How even though she was asleep her eyelids fluttered. And how a smile smile played on her lips.

"Hey Li" A voice say, I look up to see the the curly hair i have grown to know so well.

"Hey Haz. Whats going on" I ask playing with Jesabelle's hair

"Noting. The lads and I have finished packing, so when ever your ready we can wake up Jesabe-"

"No. That's not happening. I'm not waking her up." I whisper-shout

"Okay, I will" He said advancing towards me.

"No!" I say clutching her to my chest

"What the heck man?" Harry looks at mt like ive grown two heads and 6 eyes

"She's insomniac" I stare into his eye with pure sadness. All of the boys had known Lacey, my cousin, Harry and Lacey were dating. He was planning on proposing to her. Then she got sick. Really sick and the doctors didn't know what was wrong. Because Lacey never really slept he immune system was strong. The doctors suggested that I-we all sing to her maybe to help her sleep. Lacey died in Harry's arms. He hadn't been with anyone until Paige came along.

"Oh" Is all he said wiping a tear falling." Why don't you let her sleep, just put her in her car hen you drive her car. We cant be here for much longer."

"Okay, good idea Harry" I say pick Jesabelle bridal-style. Harry sat on the couch just looking at the now bare wall.

"We all miss her mate"

"I know. I just miss her so much. I really think she would like Paige its crazy ho much there alike. I really think that they would be friends." Harry said looking up at me like a small child would.

"i really think so"


"Hello" Evangeline said quietly from where she stood beside me .

"Are you okay?" I ask as I softly set Jesabelle in the back seat of her car. From what I have heard (like with my ears) Evangeline was a pretty loud girl Like this is the most soft spoken i have ever heard her.

"I'm worried about Jesabelle. She works so much and she barely sleeps. That's not healthy. People die like that. I can't have Jesabelle die. I don't have anyone else to go to. I need Jesabelle!" The small girl stood next me started to shake and hyperventilate.

"Shhh. Shh it okay. Nothing is going to happen to Jesabelle" I say pulling her into my arm. Her sobs shook her body and I could feel the wet spot evolving on the middle of my chest. I wasn't like tall, tall but Evangeline is just really really really short."You okay" I say holding her out by her shoulders.

"i think so, or at least I will be" She said sniffling and wiping her mascara stripped face.

"Okay lets get this show on the road" I say opening the door for Evangeline

"Why thank you good sir" She said in a posh accent

"Why of course my fair lady"

After a moment of silence I shift to turn on the radio. Immediately Robin Thick's Blurred lines started to play through the speakers

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