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Jim rolled off of Karen, breathing heavily into the side of her neck.

She stared at the ceiling.

“That was... Disappointing.”

“I was waiting for you to... Return to your normal bitch self.”

Karen laughed.

“I was waiting for you to pull it up. It only took twenty minutes of furious yelling and frustration. I can’t believe I married a man who yells at his dick to pull it up.”

“I can’t believe I married a woman who isn’t into that.”

“It’d be hard for you to find a woman who was into anything you do in the bedroom, Jim.”

“Really? Missionary with a bit of yelling and Tarzan chest pounding isn’t seen as kinky anymore?”

“Goodnight. Also, yelling ‘YOU LOVE IT’ doesn’t do anything for me.”

“Really? It does loads for me. Literally.”

“Fuck you, Jim.”

“Night Karen. Love you.”

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