Chapter 1- Big News

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"Serena!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

I groan. What could she possibly want now? I eventually shut my laptop then I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen where I find my mom and dad seated at the table. They are both staring directly at me as I walk in. Their hands are both folded on the kitchen table in the exact same way.

"Uh yeah..." I say slowly, while eyeing them both.

"Sit down, sweetie," my dad says and I sit across from the two of them while picking at my finger nails.

"We have some very important news," My mom tells me sternly looking me in the eye.

Great. "What is it?" I ask hesitantly.

"We're sending you to boarding school," my dad says getting right to the point.

"BOARDING SCHOOL are you kidding me?" I scream to my parents. I want to honestly rip someones head off. I hate them both so much. How can they even do this to me.

"Honey calm down. We've been thinking about this for a while now and we both agree it's the best decision for you right now," my mom says while looking at my dad.

"ARE YOU CRAZY! I'M NOT LEAVING HERE! Where are you even trying to send me?" I ask rudely.

"It's called Greenhill Academy and it's in England. Serena, it's an amazing school and England is a beautiful country! You'll make so many new friends!" My mom says while smiling at me.

I want to rip that smile right off her face and punch them both! "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO! WHAT ABOUT CHASE?" I scream at them. Chase is my boyfriend and we've been dating for 6 months. My parents absolutely hate him.

"Yes we can and we will. We leave tomorrow. Go get packed," My dad tells me.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Tomorrow? What the fuck I won't even have time to say bye to all my friends!" I yell at them, my anger building every second.

"Young lady watch the language! This is exactly why we're sending you off! Anyways... About Chase, he is not the right boy for you! He is a horrible influence on you!" My mom yells.

I laugh in her face. "If you think shipping me off to England will stop me and Chase from sleeping together, you're wrong. I hate you both!" I yell while running to my room. Once I get to my room and lay on my bed and cry. I mean to be completely honest, after what I did... I was expecting something like this... But England. Really?

After ten minutes of non-stop crying I decide to call Chase.

"Hey baby," I hear Chase answer.

"Chase, I'm moving to England," I cry hysterically on the phone.

"Woah woah babe... I can barely understand you. Why are you crying?" The sound of his voice instantly calms me down.

"My parents are sending me to fucking boarding school in England!" I sigh.

" Oh my God... Serena, I..."

"I know. Just come over and help me pack please," I plead into the phone.

"Be there in 10," he says and hangs up.

In ten minutes I hear the door bell ring and I run downstairs to answer it.

"Chase!" I say and he pulls me in for a hug.

"Hey baby," he says into my neck.

"Did I say he could come over?" My dad asks.

I roll my eyes and flip my dad off while laughing and we run up to my room. Usually they yell at me for having boys in my room but not this time for some reason.

"I'm going to miss you so much," I say and sit down on my bed.

He sits down next to me and says, "what am I gonna do without you?"

He leans in to kiss me and I do the same. Our lips move in sync together and eventually our tongues explore each others mouth. We make this a very long and meaningful kiss, knowing this will be one of our last kisses for a long time.

He starts to lay me down, but I pull away. "Sorry baby... I'm not really in the mood."

"It's fine," he says while looking at me.

Everyone sees Chase differently than I do. Everyone says he's the bad boy and only wants one thing out of girls... But I see him differently. He's so caring towards me.

"What are we gonna do?" I ask and lay my head on his shoulder.

"I'll call you every night and we can FaceTime and just try to work through it. And hopfully your parents won't make you stay for the whole year," Chase says trying to comfort me.

"You're the best boyfriend ever,"

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