" Jesus, why is she still alive?!" A woman's voice screeched. I wasn't sleeping, I was just calming my inner thoughts next to Niall as he started to stir.

I saw who talked and it was the bitch who tried to jump Liam at the meet and greet. She was standing at the doorway with her arms crossed with a disgusted expression plastered on her face.

My voice was too dry to speak.

Andrew stood next to her.

" Let them be, they look cute together." Andrew said somewhat sincerely. They then looked at each other and laughed.

Bitch girl started advancing towards me and the sleepy Niall who was starting to wake up.

" Hi little girl. You know what I've been dying to do?" She asked snobby. I didn't respond and she slapped me. Hard.

She wore a victorious smile. " Payback's a bitch."

" What did I ever do to you?"

" Well you see, ever since I met you at the signing, I got a bad vibe from you. I happened to pop next to Toby and he told me a plan. To obviously ruin you. Looks like it's going according to plan. And you don't recognize me?"

I looked more into her features and it started ringing a bell, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

" Wow, you must be that stupid. So, to help you, remember a girl you always named Mitsy cause you always forgot her actual name." She asked.

I thought long and hard but I could not remember. Mitsy, Mitsy,Mitsy, MITSY!

" Wait, you were my sisters best friend." I realized.

" Yeah, and you just let her die. She was the only one who could get me through life when my parents divorced and you let her get shot. I started cutting and all that crap when I was 12 and my mom found out and kicked me out on the streets. Luckily, I found a family nearby who actually cared for me."

" It's not my fault my sister is dead. Why are you on his side? His dad was the one who shot her! And Toby's the one who came in with the police." I yelled.

" If you would have just let them rape you, both your parents would have still been living and your sister was my only companion who helped me get through life." She retorted.

" Look, I'm sorry you weren't stable enough to care for yourself when you were younger, but that doesn't have a right for you to plan all this crappy revenge on me and Niall. Especially Niall. He has nothing to do with this shit about my family, so why can't you let him go?! And either way, Toby still came in before anything happened! If they raped me or not, Toby still would have came. At least I knew he would before he back stabbed."

" Oh he's not the only one. Your friend Sophia? She's in on it, but she comes in a later time."

My fucking only two friends I had in this world, gone. Well in my dictionary, they are never ever coming back into my life again, unless it has to do with something horrible.

Miliana's (that's her real name. I always have known her real name, but I just loved to annoy her back then) phone started ringing and she went to answer it.

" Hello? Yeah. I'm with her right now and the boy. Okay, I'll meet you there. No funny business." She hen hung up.

" Duty is calling me, so I gotta go, see ya later babe." She pushed me and Niall one last time before leaving and locking the place up.

I looked towards Niall finding him looking so tired. " Where are the boys? They should have noticed both of us missing."

" Well, first of all, if we don't even know where we are, how will they know? They are probably looking for us, but it will be tough." I replied.

He nodded sadly before looking at me. He studied my features before saying very quietly, " You are so beautiful even with the bruises." He smiled faintly.

Even in the worst times, he still cheered me up. I kissed him on the cheek before sighing heavily.

" How do we get out of here?" I asked to myself.

I hit my head against the wall, and since it was a very small room, it echoed. I suddenly heard steel hit the ground, and in the distance, I saw a matter in fact large screw laying on the ground. I looked to where it fell, and it came from the sealed up window.

A thought crashed into my brain.

" Niall?" I asked softly.

" Hmm?"

" You can get up, right?"

" Yeah why?"

" Ok good. Now, very lightly, can you please get that screw over here and just drag it? I think I have a plan."

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