Chapter3:Toby and me

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The next day

So toby tonight is our date are you exited yea toby said where are we going tonight toby hannah said lets go to mister mikes i love there lobster me to should we get ready no no its 2:30pm hannah is this your first date toby said yes is that ok i said yea its my first to toby said really i said .

9 hours later

im wearing tonight toby said

im wearing tonight hannah said

whoa you you look beautyful and you look handsome i blushed lets get on our way ok

At mister mikes

Wow this place is really nice toby said yea i said lets go get a table i said ok toby said .

at the table

So hannah toby said yea toby i have been thinking are you single hannah yea why toby i was woundering do you want to go out toby said o my god really hannah said yea toby said pinch me i am dreaming i said no your not toby said omg really yes yes i will i said cool toby said may i go to the girls room i said yeah love you toby said love you to toby brb ok 10 mins later hey babe hey what took you so long toby said i had to redo my makeup i said ok lets go babe.

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