Chapter 2

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Let's hope I can make this story half decent!

Title: Enemies

Pairing: Jean Hobbs

Genre: generic

Warnings: slight language


Jack's POV

I wake up the next morning exhausted. I barely slept at all, fear of being anywhere near Dean terrifying me.

All of a sudden my phone rings. I check to see who's calling. 'Phil Lester (or Dan Howell. Its one of the two)' "Hello?"

"Good morning to you too Jack," Dan says sarcastically. "I hear you're also attending the press conference type thing today."

"Yeah. You and Phil are going?"

"Yeah. It's open to the public and me and Phil are curious."

"Well at least you'll have each other. I'm stuck with Dean Dobbs."

Our of nowhere I hear Phil's voice. "Dean Dobbs? That guy who made fun of you in secondary school?"

"The very same. Either of you willing to kill me?"

Dan says yes at the Sam time that Phil says no. "Don't worry Jack." Phil says. "Who knows. Maybe he's changed."

"People like him don't change Phil." I say bitterly. "People like him are just... they don't change."

"Just give him a chance Jack." Phil says. "You might be surprised at what you find if you give him a second chance."

"Maybe he doesn't deserve a second chance..." Dan says. "I mean from what I've heard this guy was just terrible to you. Beating you up, spreading rumors. Maybe he doesn't deserve another chance."

"He doesn't." I say. I run my hand over my stomach and thighs, feeling the old cuts there ever so slightly.

Phil sighs. "Its your choice I suppose. I just think you should try giving him a second chance."

"Right well I've got to go. I have to pick up Dean before the conference. Wish me luck guys."

"Bye Jack."


I arrive at the address Dean had sent me yesterday and saw him standing outside. "Well come on then. We don't have all day."

"Actually we kind of do. They moved the time of the conference to 12:00 instead of 9:00. I just got the text from Alexandra and was about to call you."

"Oh. Well then..."

Dean looks from me to his house. "Would you like to come in? We can kill some time in there."

"Um... okay I guess."

Dean's POV

Sleep came easy that night before the conference but dreams did not. I was plagued by nightmares I had experienced every night since I had first met Jack.

A dark room and a pair of lips against my own. A blonde boy stands in front of me. Then he's gone and I'm gone. I'm drowning yet I'm on fire. I'm screaming yet there's no sound to be heard. Darkness consumes me whole and the entire world disappears.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm gasping for air. As it always had, the nightmare felt more real than anything else. I glance at the clock and see that Jack is supposed to pick me up in 20 minutes.

"Shit!" I yell, hurrying to shower and get dressed before standing outside. That's when I get a text.

From: Alexandra Flash (Boss)

Press conference moved to 12 instead on 9. Please inform Jack, I can't find his number.

I check the time again, 8:05. Maybe I can still get a hold of Jack before he gets here...

"Well come on then. We don't have all day." Jack says, pullinme next to me and nearly giving me a heart attack.

"Actually we kind of do. They moved the time of the conference to 12:00 instead of 9:00. I just got the text from Alexandra and was about to call you."

All he said was "oh" but his expressing read "fucking hell"

"Well then..." Jack said trailing off.

"Would you like to come in?" I blurt out. "We can kill some time in there."

"Um... okay I guess."


We end up just sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter until it was finally time to leave. During the entire movie and the entire car ride Jack remained silent.

I couldn't tell you what the conference was actually about, I barely paid attention. I just took notes on stuff that sounded important so I'd have something to share with Jack.

Afterwards Jack and I go to his house to work on the article. "That was probably the most boring thing I've done as a journalist since I was a intern," he says, finally speaking to me.

"Yeah. Honestly I barely know what they where talking about." Truthfully I was focused on Jack, seeing all the things I saw in him at 14.

I used to like him back then, hell I might still like him now. I just made fun of him because I was confused and didn't want anyone to realize how I felt. Looking back I feel like such a dick.

"It was about new laws and what not. The only people who will end up reading this article are the business men and politicians."

"I'm sorry!" I blurt out. "I don't know why I'm saying this now, but I really am. I shouldn't have been such a dick to you when we were younger and I've felt bad about it every day since then."

Jack looks at me curiously. "Dean... Are you actually sorry? And if you are then why did you do all that anyway?"

"I am sorry and I just... I don't know why I did all that stuff to you. I feel really bad about it though."

"I... I forgive you Dean."

"Thank you. I don't deserve your forgiveness."

"That's true. But I'll still give it to you."

"Thank you Jack. Thank you so much."

I feel so much better now. Years of guilt were slowly leaving me and I could once again breath. That night when I went to sleep the nnightmares no longer plagued me.


No I'm not going into detail on the conference. Sorry. Actually no I'm not... {dedicated to Kelswap}

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