The Bad Boy and The YouTuber Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Today was the day that I have to go to Zane’s house and I’m so not excited. Zane is just going to annoy the heck out of me and I’m just going to end up leaving my brother at their house forever. I got ready for school, I was wearing leggings and a cute pink sweater with my black boots, and I decided to curl my hair today just for fun and I put on light makeup.

            “Flynn it’s time for school, let’s go.” I said. I grabbed my bag and waited outside for my brother.

            “Taylor I get to go to Lilia’s house today!” Flynn yelled jumping outside. I signed, yeah and you’re bragging me along with you.

            “I’m so glad you’re making friends Flynn.” I said. I grabbed his hand and we made our way to school. I wasn’t going to crush my little brother by saying he’s not aloud at his friends house because I don’t like his friends brother, that would be rude and selfish that’s why I’m only letting him stay an hour. We got to and we went our separate ways meaning I’m going to the high school wing and he’s going to the elementary wing. I saw Joyce and Vince standing by her locker like they do every day.

            “Hey guys, did you finish the English assignment?” I asked getting out my notes from yesterday. Joyce started getting out her notes.

            “Don’t worry Tay I got you covered.” Zane said randomly popping out of nowhere and handing me a notebook. I looked at him weirdly, what the heck is wrong with him?

            “Umm, thanks?” I said questionably. Zane just stood there and smiled.

            “Just give it to me after school.” Zane said and left.

            “You hang out with Zane Larker after school?” Joyce asked.

            “No, Flynn has a play date with his little sister and I’m being forced to go.” I said. The bell rang and we walked to chemistry.

            “Your brother Flynn Ryder Larson had a play date with Lilia Sage Larker!” how was that possible? Zane never lets anybody near his little sister.” Joyce basically yelled.

            “Joyce Jacobson let’s not yell in my class please.” Mr. Kale said.

            “Sorry Mr. Kale.” Joyce said. We sat down in our seats. I decided I might as well copy Zane’s homework so I didn’t get yelled at by our English teacher. Zane walked in and he actually didn’t bother me at all which was strange. Once it was lunch I had finished the English homework and I decided I should go and find Zane since English is net period and I don’t want him getting in trouble, even though he and I aren’t close or anything I don’t want him getting in trouble. I finally found him outside by a tree with his group of friends.

            “Hey Zane, here’s your notebook back.” I said and smiled handing it to him. He just looked at me like he didn’t know who I was. He took his notebook and didn’t utter a work to me. “Whatever jerk.” I walked away. I try to be nice and he is just rude to me.  I went in the lunch line for pizza, pizza is the food I eat when I’m angry, and I’m very angry. I sat down with my friends and they looked at me.

            “Oh no, Taylor has the angry pizza.” Vince said. I looked at him and angrily took a bite of my pizza.

            “What happened this time Tay?” Joyce asked.

            “Zane was a total jerk when I gave him back his notebook.” I said I took another bite of my pizza.

            “Zane is always a jerk so that was expected, nothing to take out of an innocent piece of pizza.” Vince said. That’s true, at the same time I really wanted pizza. I nodded and finished my pizza.

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