I woke up to the feeling of nausea and made it to the toilet just in time to hurl my body over the rim. Luckily, Jace was right behind me to hold my hair away from my face and rub my back. When I was finally done, I rinsed out my mouth and brushed my teeth.

"Are you okay?" Sonny asked as she stepped into the small bathroom.

"Yeah I don't know what that was about. I feel fi-" Another wave of nausea hit me like a blast of cold air. I was on my knees, praising the toilet seconds later. I groaned, standing up weakly to repeat my mouth-washing routine. "Just a virus." I reassured them.

It had been two weeks since the party - the one my mother still knew nothing about, luckily. Since it was a Saturday, the girls were at my house. As always, Ally was sleeping in. I followed Sonny and Jace downstairs where we curled up on the couches in front of my parents flat screen TV.

"I want ice cream." I whined. Sonny groaned and pushed herself off of the leather seat, grabbing her keys.

"Alright, anything for the ill child." She cooed. "What kind?"

"Strawberrry please!" I squealed.

"Vanilla!" Jace begs.

We were finished watching Titanic when Sonny arrived from Stop & Shop. Sonny handed me and Jace each our own personal bucket of ice cream. Jace ate half and felt sick, while I powered through and wanted more.

"Get me some pretzels." I demanded. This time, Jace got up to get them. She was relieved to find that we had some in the kitchen. Again, I are the entire bag.

"Jeez, Emily! You're going to get fat!" I hadn't even noticed that Ally was in the room, because I had been too busy eating my pretzels. I registered what she had said and looked down self-consciously. I was having a messed up day, which was hopefully the reason I noticed my stomach was far bigger than normal. It brushed it off and put all my energy into a random, uncontrollable emotional break down in the middle of Grown Ups 2.

An hour later, I was back at the toilet, hurling up my cravings. This sure was one unusual bug.

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