Letters to Charlie

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Dear Charlie,

My life is a living hell!! I dont know why I'm writing to you because you aren't real, I guess I just needed somebody to talk to beside myself. I'm lonely I only have a few friends and I really only trust one of them that's because I was hurt before and I dont trust people very easily anymore. My life is plain out normal I'm just like everyone else on this god damn earth I just wish I was diffrent then most people. I guess that's a hard request because it hasn't come true yet!! I'm atheist I'm just going to say that now before you get into my book type thing. I haven't told my parents because they wouldn't understand like my brother Jace does I only think he understands because he's my brother and he has to care about me because if he didn't it would make him look bad!!

I'm weird in a lot of ways I talk to myself is that bad charlie? I wish you could answer me it would help me out a whole lot more then writing to you I guess that's just my opinion. Well I think this is getting out a lot of my stress writing to you because it helps other then telling my friends even though they will read this. But that's ok I trust them not to tell the whole school. I guess I should tell you a little about me.....

Some of my favorite things.. pizza, singing, my boyfriend, my brother Jace, reading, music, and swiming.

So I'm going to end it here for now because I'm really tired and I just want to go read.

Sincerely Clary

Hey guys thanks for reading my first chapter and I'm going to try to update it every week for 10 months and see how this goes so thanks for reading see you next week!!     -Clary

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