Little Miss: Chapter 27

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Secret Santa List:



Jasmine- Josiah







*** Nyla's POV ***

This is just great, I though to my self. I got my ex boyfriend. Oh yay.

I know what I'm gonna get him already because before he broke up with me I bought him something the day me and Dalton went to the mall. Basically I bought him a Christmas present before he broke up with me.

"Who'd you get?" Jazzy asks me.

"Cole" I groan

"Haha you got a dough bag!" She laughs.

"What'd bout you?" I say

"I um" she starts "I got Josiah"

"At least you got someone good!" I laugh.

"Well I gotta still buy J something so lets go to the mall!" She says while getting up.

"Okay" I say


"Jazzy! Just pick one!" I say while throwing, yet another, shirt at her.

"I'm sorry but Josiah is difficult to shop for!" She says

We are currently in Hollister trying to buy Josiah something for Jazz's secret Santa.

"Jasmine West, just pick one damn shirt and let's go!" I say

"Okay fine" She says while taking the red beanie and matching t shirt and going to the cashier.

"Next" the cashier says

We walk up and put the clothes on the desk. Of course, we get a guy cashier.

"You girls buying for someone special?" The cashier asks us.

"Yea, our friend Josiah" I say

"Oh, so you guys single?" He asks us while scanning the shirt and putting it into the bag.

"I'm not, I have a boyfriend, but she is" Jasmine says while handing him her credit card.

"What a shame, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone for Christmas" He says while winking and giving Jazz her card back.

I roll my eyes at him and take in his appearance. He had brown light eyes, chocolate brown hair- styled like Justin Bieber 2013- and he was wearing brown khaki shorts and he had on a blue Hollister shirt with a name tag on it that read 'Chase'

"Okay well thank you, and merry Christmas" Jasmine says while taking the bag and leaving

"Merry Christmas" Chase says while winking at us.

"Ugh" I sigh

"What's wrong?" So far every store that has a cashier guy in it has said that to me.

"Ny, well you're single so who cares!" Jazz says

"Whatever" I say


"You're all that matters to me" my alarm clock goes off.

I shut it off and look at the time. 8:30 am. Today is the day. Christmas Day. Aka the day our secret Santa gifts get exchanged. I'm so excited!

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