Getting better

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I find Taylor and I hug her and hold her as she just past out

We get in the car and head to her house

Once we get there no ones home but us

"Lets get her to her room" Tyler says and we head up stairs

We walk in and the room is filled with posters and drawings of anime us I chuckle at the sight

"Put her on the bed ill get some bandages" Tyler says and goes into her bathroom and starts to dig though a bunch of stuff

I set Taylor on the bed and sit next to her and look at the cut on her face

I felt so bad that I let this happen

I lean in and kiss her forehead

"Here you can start to clean the cuts on her arm harry" Tyler say handing me some first aid stuff

"Ok, what about you you need to be treated too?" I reply

"Ill do that" Niall says and sits tyler in a computer chair



After we finished bandaging them Niall and Tyler go to get some medicine

I put Taylor under the blankets and slide in next to her and hold close to me

Surprisingly she snuggles up to me


I feel someone pull me close to them I snuggle up to them I didn't care who it was unless it was Danny

I just wanted to feel safe and I was to tired to open my eyes and see who it was but I felt safe with them

"Hey harry we're back!" I hear it was Niall now that I know who I was with I snuggled closer to them if that was possible

"She's up isn't she?" I hear Niall ask

"Yeah but she needs to sleep" I hear harry say

"That's ok me and Tyler are going to get a blow up mattress and put it in here on the floor" Niall explained

"Ok me and Taylor are just going to sleep and so should you two!" harry says

"Yeah we will!" Niall replies



After a while the mattress was blown up

I still had my eyes shut I was still tired and so once it was quiet it was easy to go to sleep

"I love you" harry whispers to me

"Love you too" I say with my eyes still closed then I fall to sleep

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