Chapter 22

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this chapter is dedicated to @Aysia 2598 I swear if it wasn't for her I would have been deleted this book at chapter 10....go follow her...and if y'all want a chapter dedicated to u just comment. But in the future I will make personal dedications...



Danny: daddy come on or ill will be late for my flight

Dad: here I come (he came out the bathroom with his pants down)

Danny: daddy was you shitting? (She said covering her nose and eyes)

Dad: yeah I'm done an-

Danny: no go wipe yo ass ima be in the car waiting

Dad: OK

I was in the car waiting and just spaced out till he came

Dad: OK ready baby (he said out of breathe)

Danny: yes

So on the way to the airport they talked

Dad: so what's it like being pregnant

Danny: I want a lot of sex...the damn hormones just ki-

Dad: danessia I'm talking about feelings matter fact what do you crave

Danny: dick daddy I want dick...shit but I also eat marshmallows and syrup them shits good together

Dad: aye while u gone u bet not be throwing that ass back for issa

Danny: lmmfao I'm not we not even together so why would I.

Dad: I'm just saying yo ass a lil too freaky for your pops how u think you here (he said pulling up to the airport)

Danny: thanks

Dad: u know that wasn't no damn compliment

Danny: ok bye papa

With that she was on her way


So I wake up to something moving and clapping real in the hell is this

"I the club got them bottles on replay, trying break a record like a dj, that's 150 bottles in one night, ima get it bitch act right'

Act Right played by yo gotti


Kre: twerking (she said still doing it)

Que: why in the hell u gotta clap yo ass in my face

Issa: oh get it Kre show this nigga what u working with (he said walking in rapping to it)

"money don't fold nigga said act right"

Que: move (he said getting up)

Kre: you know you would eat this ass (she said twerking all over the bed)

Issa: yeah he would...ass eating midget

Que: stfu both y'all and Kre put some pants on before I have to beat issa ass for trying to fuck yo lil ass

Issa: nigga scared ill take his girl, boy get yo ass in the shower


Danny just landed and she called her dad


Dad: yo

Danny: damn can you let the phone ring

Dad: my bad but you made it

Danny: yeah but ttyl

Dad: ok


I've been a little sad since danessia left I really missed she all I been thinking about every since the phone call an-

Issa: who in the fuck interrupting my thoughts

Kre: calm down issa yo yellow ass and ion know who- (she cut her self off) ahhhhhh

Issa: what's going on wh- (he stopped and seen no other than Danny)

Danny: hay Kre what u been up to

Que: aye Danny I the hizzzouse

Danny: hay future birthday boy

Issa just went back in the living room and continue to watch TV

Kre: I'm glad you here but me and que finna wash these dishes up

Danny: ok ill sit in the living room till then

Que: issa in their Kre (he whispered)

Kre: duh, now come on (she said dragging him to the kitchen)


I was sitting in the living room till Danny walked in...And I swear my heart was about to fall out my ass...but I kept cool...but then she sat right next to no space was between us.

danny: hay issa (she smiled)

Issa: hi (he said changing the channel not looking at her)

Danny: what u been up to

issa: let's see, my baby mama is probably having another niggas baby and she didn't tell me till two days ago, and then when I called her she broke up with me, and left me here just lifeless...though I never told her I love her in my heart she was the love of my life...yup that's all that been up with me

Danny: I'm sorry issa I didn't want you to go thru any of this; you are the sweetest guy that ever gave a shit about me. I just broke it off because I feel u deserve better.

issa: danessia I understand and at the moment I felt I did too but I felt too hard for you that I didn't care...I would drop everything for you if I had too.

Danny: we can start over....friends (she pulled out her hand)

Que: aye y'all come on we going out to eat because Kre lazy ass not washing the dishes and I ain't finna either

Danny: ok let's go (she got up and issa pulled her down)

Issa: bro we was talking, we coming just hold on

Que: ok (he left)

Danny: what?

Issa: maybe we shouldn't because ima want more than that

Danny: but ion want to be with you till I know who the baby belong to.

Issa: fuck that Danny because what if it is mine and I wasn't their for u...I ain't taking no risks

Danny: aye lower yo damn tone because u ain't finna talk to me li-

Issa: Danny shut yo mean ass up now u listen to me, it's a possibility that the baby is mine and I ain't taking any chances when I could have been there for you. So tell who ever you staying with you ain't coming back...shit a nigga gotta put his damn foot down....

Danny: who tf u ta-

Issa: damn u DANESSIA MYRE THOMPSON...... fuck that u ain't no Ellen got to let you know u aint finna talk shit to me...i want you to myself...u all i want can u give me that at least?

Danny: why do u want a mean ass like me then

Issa: because u are my rock end of discussion u ain't leaving now let's go eat and make you a doctor appointment (he said calmly) give me your hand... yeah I'm on that que shit.

She did as he said

Danny thought: I'm digging this new issa, but he need to know that though he put his foot down, will be the one to step on that mufu and cripple his ass in a quickie

Hope you like the chapter @Aysia 2598

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