The Morning of Move In Day

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Chapter 14: The Morning of Move In Day

Early in the morning, the birds began to sing. Today was the day! My life was going to be completely different after today ends. Different in a good way, and I can't wait! My skills of quietly slipping off the bed while Justin was sleeping were improving. As I got out of the bed and looked back at Justin's face, I was proud of my skills thinking, "Damn, you're good!" I crept across the room and sat cross legged on the wooden floor where my phone was charging. I rested my back against the wall and turned it on. As it turned on I looked at Justin's face and smiled. He made me very happy, I am so grateful to have him! Just as my thoughts simmered away, my phone turned on displaying two messages. They were both from Victoria and were sent only twenty minutes ago. I thought I'd better respond so I wrote, "Hey! Just woke up. Today's the day(: Can't wait to see you and show you around! You should come over instead of meeting us at the school." Within moments I recieved two texts from Victoria saying, "I can't wait either," and, "Sure thing. I was thinking the same!" I looked at the time and realized it was only 6:30 in the morning, so I told Victoria to come over around 4. It would only take fifteen minutes to get to Demens in Amore. After Victoria and I set up a time for her to come over, I put down my phone and lazily walked to the bathroom. With wide eyes I looked in the mirror. My skin still looked amazing from being in the spring a few weeks ago. Would my skin always look like this from now on? I hope so. I put aside the thought and began washing my face, brushing my teeth and cleaning off my night retainer.

After I was all finished washing up, I tied my hair up in a messy bun and opened up my suitcase. For a moment a sat there contemplating on what to wear, but then realized, who cares. I took out my striped floral shorts and a white, flowy tank top with little touches of embroidery and placed them on the floor. I stood up and removed my clothing, and placed it in the suit case, shut it and zipped it up. After I was all changed and ready, I decided to put on a little mascara because, why not. When I was all finished getting ready, I quietly opened up my bedroom door and slipped out into the hallway. I walked down the steps, through the hallway and into the kitchen to encounter my mother at the table with a hot, steaming cup of coffee in her hand. When she noticed my arrival, she said, "Good morning! How are you?" I greeted her with a smile and a, "Good morning, I'm good. Thank you. Victoria and Zack are coming over later at three for a few minutes and then we'll be off. Does that sound okay?" My mother smiled starting to tear up, "Yes, it is completely fine with me as long as I get a big hug from all of you before you leave." I winked at my mother and said, "It's a deal!" And I walked to the refrigerator to get a water bottle. I popped the cap open and took a sip, then leaned over the granite counter tops looking over at my mother asking, "Are you really sure you are going to be fine with Les? I know he can support you money wise, but aren't you going to get homesick?" My mother looked up from the newspaper ans smiled, "Honey, as long as you visit me I will be more then okay. One day I'd like to come over and see that house of yours too!" I looked at her not sure what to say, "Ee- I think that one's up to Justin." She chuckled a bit to herself and said, "That's fine with me, as long as I get to see my Suri some time or another!" With that, I departed from the kitchen kissing my mother on the cheek and began walking back upstairs to greet my love. When I walked in the room, Justin was still sound asleep, so I figured I wouldn't wake him. I walked over to my ottoman, opened it up, took out one of the current novels I was reading, sat cross legged on the cool, wooden floor and began to read.

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