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Oceans point of view.

I said there's the maid was brushing my hair she was saying something under her breath in Spanish I just sighed it was nice to have someone do my hair no I did my hair since..  Well it's been a long time. "I'm done, you can put on one of the outfits in the drawer for dinner Mr. Tyler will be waiting on you “said the maid.  I looked into the drawer I found a nice pair of jeans and a pink and blue blouse that button down and I slipped on my black pair of Vans. It’s just one night ocean you can do it don't worry about anything. I walk down the stairs to hear Tyler and some guy arguing over something that can't be good. “I’m telling you Tyler to make things look right in the family you got to marry a girl you're 21 already don't you think it's time you're ready to settle down by now?" the man was practically screaming and Tyler’s face he wasn't even saying anything all he had was had was a blank expression like he didn't want to hear anything. "Dad we can talk about this later we have a guess. Ocean don't be shy come down to meet my father”

I won't lie I was scared his dad was in a small guy he had to be a lease 6'2 and 250 pounds but he was old but ill to be wise.  I walked downstairs and shook his father's hand "hello my name is Ocean how do you do?" his father smiled at me and took a sigh of relief "See this one has manners what's wrong with marrying her? My eyes got big I wasn't thinking about getting married my main concern was going to school. "Daddy leave ocean alone let's eat" Tyler grab my hand and set me down at the long table.  His hands were soft and you such a gentleman why is it so hard to find guys like him now? "Tonight for dinner will be having grilled salmon with asparagus and white wine” did the chef as you later food out next to us. I was sitting right across from me and I had something to say but I didn't want to be rude. "Excuse me what there is any way that I could have water I don't drink." Tyler smiled at the me and then to the chef "Please get her some water " They started talking about stuff that I had no clue what they were going on about I just ate my food it was yummy it was good for once and I have to eat that nasty stew  make at  the church. "Ocean” said Tyler father please tell me about you “Oh Lord I hate when people ask me this question it's always a disaster.” Well I'm in school for social work at Chicago University I live at the church over there on Western um I volunteer at the gay Youth Center and that's about it Sir.” Tyler's father took a gulp of his wine. 

"You live in a church why is that what about your parents?" "Well sir everyone is fortunate enough to have parents like Tyler you know, my mother was on drugs and is currently unknown where to be. My father is serving 10 years for aggressive assault right now up in Statesville." I said very proudly. "If you need a place to stay is Tyler’s father said before he could finish I cut him off I don't need your charity I don't mind living in the church all I have to do is help around and they pay me and I'm fine I don't need anyone charity  I can take care of myself ." I got from the table to go into the bathroom I need some time to think some air

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