Street Walker~Chapter 2

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I kept crying for a really long time before I realized I wasn't against the wall anymore. I was in someone's warm embrace. I slowed my breathing down and calmed myself. I looked up from the stranger's neck to find Niall comforting me.

"It's ok love. You are safe here." I nodded unsure what else to do. I noticed he was whispering and looked around to see the other 4 guys asleep around us. They were probably worried about me. I doubt that will last long. According to the rest of guys who take me in, I turn into an annoying little brat after a day. Niall rubbed my arm trying to comfort me. Again, I noticed my clothing situation. Niall followed my gaze down to my body.

"Would you like something more comfortable?" He smirked. I nodded and he picked me up easily and carried me upstairs. He took me into a messy looking room and set me down on the one empty space on the bed.

"Excuse the mess, we haven't been home in a couple days." Niall said reading my mind. He dug through a clothes hamper finding boxers and an oversized Rolling Stones tee.

"These are Harry's but I'm sure he won't mind, I'm not sure why they are in my room anyways." Again, I just nodded at him. He tossed the clothing at me and I just stared at him.

"Can I have some privacy?" I asked. He nodded and turned around. I began taking off my bandeau and skirt but it was too late. Niall saw the scars. His eyes scanned the ones all over my upper thighs and around my breasts.

"Patience?" Tears welled up in my eyes again as I threw the tshirt over my head as quickly as possible. I ran passed Niall before I could put on the boxers but luckily the shirt covered my scars on my upper legs.

"Patience?" I kept running finding the nearest bathroom. I slammed the door right in Niall's face. He began banging on it.

"Come out! I sware it was an accident. I didn't mean to look at you." He kept banging and eventually the other guys heard and started to join in with Niall. After about 15 minutes they gave up and I heard them slide down the wall and just sit by the door.

My breathing slowed and calmed and I just sat on the toilet thinking of what I should do. I could just run away now and I wouldn't end up getting hurt. I could stay and be kind and see where that gets me... They could be mean to me or they could be nice which they have been. I'm still questioning their kindness towards me.

"Patience. Please. It's Harry. Open the door." I sighed and opened it, revealing messy curls and restless emerald eyes. I looked away quickly because I hate staring at people straight in the eyes. He grabbed the shirt and slowly pulled it up to my belly button. His eyes went wide as he saw the engraving in my skin. He mumbled something I couldn't hear. I closed my eyes as he gently rubbed his fingers over the cuts.

"Fuck." I heard him whisper. I reached my hands out to pull the shirt back down but Liam's hand reached and pulled my hands up up before I could. I was literally helpless as the 5 curious guys looked over my abused body. I had no choice but to start crying. I felt like I was being examined in a doctors office. After they realized that they were gazing at my most vulnerable spot Liam let go of me and Harry dropped the shirt back down. He shook his head and tousled his curls and walked off. The other boys except for Liam walked away.

"Patience. Your name isn't Patience is it?" I shook no questioningly.

"It's Magdalen." He whispered in my ear. I nodded and started shaking. How did he know that.

"H. H. How you know that?"

"I just know..." He said and walked off, leaving me alone. I slowly walked down the stairs when I heard voices.

"Guys, we have to tell her."

"I know." Harry said knowingly. What do they need to tell me?

"She needs to know or other wise things could get worse and the more she knows the more she will cooperate." Niall spoke up. Harry nodded slowly and of course the dang stairs had to squeak. They all looked up to where the noise was coming from.

"Patience... Are you ok?" Niall asked worriedly. I just shook no and sniffled. I turned and walked back up to a random room. There was nothing in the room except for a dresser and a bed. I layed in the bed and pulled the duvet over my shaking body. This room was really cold. I turned on my side and closed my eyes. I slowly drifted off into dreamland... More like nightmare land.

I woke up hearing soft snoring. It was coming from behind me. I shifted a little and mumbling occurred. Wtf? Warm, large hands wrapped around my waste and I was pulled into a warm chest. My back was to the figure and I felt wetness under my eyes. Had I been crying? I tried to wriggle out of the strong grip but it was no use.

"Mm Patience stop moving." The raspy morning voice spoke. It was Liam...

"Was I crying?" I whispered. Liam turned my body around so I was facing him.

"You don't remember last night do you?" I gave him a questioning gaze and shook no.

"You fell asleep in my room and after a while you started screaming and we didn't know what to do. You kept mumbling things we couldn't understand and I had to eventually calm you down. I sang to you and you fell asleep in my arms." I was in utter shock. So I sleep scream and cry. No wonder the guys always kicked me out before.

"I I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

"It's nothing you can help love." Liam said. He reached out to touch me but I flinched at the human contact. No one ever gently touches my face. Liam pulled his hand back.


"Call me Maggie." I said softly. Liam smiled and it warmed my heart. We laid together for a little while longer.

"I know we were put on this world for a reason. But I don't think I have a purpose." I said speaking my thoughts.

"Maggie. You haven't found your purpose yet. We all have different purposes and we find them at different times. I promise you were put here for a reason and don't you dare ever mess with your life." He said seriously looking me straight in the eyes. I didn't fear his gaze. He meant good not evil.

"Let's go!" Niall yelled.

"What?" Liam yelled.

"We are going to Nandos come on!" He yelled back. Liam jumped out of the bed completely forgetting me. I heard him run downstairs and slam the front door. I just sat there waiting for them to return. They never did... I should've known better. I stared around the room trying to take it all in.

What am I gonna do? I'll just leave. I have no where to go but what's the point in staying here. They obviously don't care if they just left me. I skipped down the stairs when I saw a dark gaze watch me from the living room. Harry?

"Um hi?" I said awkwardly.

"What did you think? We were gonna leave you here alone? We aren't stupid Maggie." My heart stopped. I almost fainted at his word choice.

"How did y"

"Save it. I'm not gonna play nice. You should get used to my bluntness because it's gonna be like this all the time soon." For some odd reason I knew this was coming... And I knew this wasn't going to end well.

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