Heart a break

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*Niall's POV

Since the night that Elz harmed her self i've kept an eye on her. Making sure she'll never do it again. I love her alot shes my everything now. I dont ever want to see her like that.

"Morning" she says waking up as she smiles at me

"Morning beautiful" I smile kissing her as she laughs lightly

"So what do you wanna do today?" She asks me

"A picnic? Maybe a movie? Dinner? I dont know what do you wanna do?" I say to her

"Well I gotta finish this last video game graphic wanna see it?" she says standing up as I nod following her to the computer room. As we walk in I notice the laptop turned on already

"Had it pre-set" she says as I hear 'what does the fox say!' go off

"Shit sorry my alarm" she said turning it off as I laughed at her choice

"Hey its not as bad as a video of someone twerking on stage *cough* you *cough*" she said as I glared at her and she laughed.

"So you gonna show this or what?" I asked as she sat down

"Oh yah look!" she said as she tapped a couple of keys and a whole world appeared it was something of the future

"Amazing" I said looking through it

"Its a robot 25th century theme. Pretty cool huh?" she said nudging me as I nodded in aww that she did this all on her own.

******later that night******
~Elz's POV

After I finished the last touches to the video game program I sent the finished work to the makers so yhey can set it up online. Then me and Niall went out to Nando's and got some dinner after which he said he had a surprise for me. So we drove out of Nando's and headed to the mall. Once we got there we walked to GameWorks as we headed upstairs I saw some of my friends there. Rob, Axel and Jack.

"Dudes!" I yelled as they came and bear hugged me all at the same time.

"We missed ya! Nice piercings" Jack said

"Yah you've changed" Axel said as Rob messed up my hair

"Wait! Axel wheres Kara?" I asked then he frowned

"She broke up with me after graduation" He said with a crooked smile

"I'm so sorry" I said hugging him

"Did you hear about what happend to Madi and Jasmine?" Jack said

"No what?" Me and Niall said at the same time

"After some people found out about the backstabbing and such at the prom when they were voted prom king and queen someone showed some embarssing pics of them and drenched them in punch!" Jack barely finished because he was laughing so hard

"Wow" Is all I said. JonJon I mean Madi had it coming anyways. Karma isnt my job but damn it felt right. After that I hugged Niall and kissed him as thanks for inviting the boys here then me and the guys caught up and played some games. Today everything was at peace but I couldnt help but see Axel and Niall glare at eachother every once in a while.

A/N: hey do u think Axel is gonna try something? Vomment

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