I decide why not just watch a movie at his house cause the movie theater is full of weirdos.We finally arrived it his house I have only been here once.His parents weren't home.

"Where are your parents".

"Oh they went back to mullingar to go and visit for about a week or two".

"Oh.That's nice".

"Yeah.So what you wanna watch".

"What do you have to watch".

"I have scary movies,comedies,romance,disney".

"How 'bout a comedy".


He put the movie and I took my shoes off and sat next to him on the coach.The movie wasn't really funny but it was okay I guess.I felt a little tension between the both of us. I really wanted to kiss him.But I don't want to make the first move that's his job. I just had to get his attention.First I need to go fix myself a little.Get a little sexier for him.

"Niall where's the bathroom again".

"It's right upstairs next to the bedroom".


I went upstairs to go freshen my self up.First I took off that stupid denim jacket.I was to hot for that.I put on some fresh deodorant.I was a little stinky at the moment.I pulled by dress up some making it shorter and push up my boobs making them pop more in this strapless dress.I walk down the stairs slowly.When I get downstairs I hope I get major attention.

"I had a little hard of time finding the bathroom but I made it to the found it".

"Well that's good".

I sat down next to him but closer than before.He looked over at me.I knew I got his attention.



"Um.. you look hot".

"Thank you".

"Angela can I ask you a question".

"It's Angie and sure".

"Well Angie we're friends right".

"Well of course,unless that's a problem".I say laying my hand on his chest.

"Oh it's not I just feel a little sexual tension between you and I".

"Oh do you wanna kiss or something".


I climb on top of him and we start making out.His lips were nice and soft.I like it a lot.Kissing him felt like heaven.But things got a little too frisky.Before I knew it he was sucking on my neck.I was horny and I'm pretty sure he is too.

"Niall lets go upstairs".


I don't think I should have said that but whatever I want my first time to the best time.As I walked upstairs I heard my phone ring.

"Shit.It's my mom".


'Hey Angela.You need to come home it almost past your curfew'

'Mom there is no school'

'I don't care I said come home'

'Okay mom'

"I gotta go home you don't mind taking me back right".

"No it's no problem".

"You know what I'm going to stay just a little while longer I wanna finish what was started".

"You sure 'bout that.What will your mum say".

"I'll tell her there was traffic".


I entered his room and it was set up like a college dorm.He had a nice big bed,too.I don't think that was the only big thing he had.

"You have condoms right".



"You ready".

"Yeah can you unzip my dress for me".


"This is a one time thing right".

"Yeah just two friends experimenting".

"Yeah no relationship, no emotion, just sex".

"Yeah just our friendship".


We got set up on the bed and began making out.I don't want to get into too much detail about what happen but lets just say I had a good time and so did he.We quickly got dressed and hurry to the car so we can get to my house before my mom freaks out.I called her to assure her that we were on our way.

'Hey mom'

'Where are you'

'We are on our way.We were stuck in traffic and there was also a detour'

'Oh well you get here as soon as possible'

'I know mother I am on my way'

'Okay bye'


"She bought that".

"Ha ha".

"That was fun".


"You were great".

"Thanks it was my first time".

"Mine too".


"Okay I feel so awkward we just had sex in your room in your bed and it was amazing and I lied to my mom about us.I told her there was traffic and a detour how stupid is she oh my gosh.I really don't want this to become the whole friends with benefit's thing.Niall I change a lot and I pretty sure my new image will get a lot of attention.I'm not a good girl anymore".

"Good girl gone BAD huh".

"Yes that's what I am a good girl that gone bad".

"Damn I feel free".

"I bet you do.You look the part".

"Ha ha Thank you Niall".

"For what".

"Helping me get out of my comfort zone that was fun and truly sexy.We made a pretty frisky scene".

"Yeah.Here you are".

"Thanks for taking me out for some fun.I had a good time".

"Me too".He says with his perfect smile

Niall and I leaned in and had one last kiss before I left.

"Bye". I said before I opened the door to my house.

"Have a good time with Niall".

"Oh yeah we saw this really funny movie".

"Oh that's nice well go get washed up and you get to bed you must be tired".

"I'm exhausted".

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