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Well hey there!!! (sorry. Trying to change my intros for each interview :p) We are back with our next interview who is a college student here in the good old USA!!! Let's give her around of applause *Claps*

Interviewer: Twinz4life


Name: Nicole

Where are you from? (Country):USA

Can you give us a little background info on you?

I'm an older directioner, so it's kind of hard to find people my own age that like them as much as I do. I'm a college student studying dietetics. I never really had a passion for writing until I discovered Wattpad. Now writing is a daily thing for me. I love my family and friends, and just try to be a happy person all the time.

What would be one word to describe One Direction?: Perfect

How did you find out about them?: I was stealing music from YouTube, and I came across the WMYB video. I saw it had millions of views so I clicked on it. That was the end for me. I haven't been the same ever since.

How long have you been in this fandom?: A year and a half

Who is your favorite member?: Liam

Out of the three albums, Which one is your favorite?: Oh jeez.....uhhhhh....Midnight Memories

What is your favorite song out of each album?:

UAN- Tell Me a Lie or More Than This

TMH- They Don't Know About Us or Little Things

MM- Through The Dark, Don't Forget Where You Belong, and Diana

Many will agree that One Direction have saved their life. Do you agree? If so how?

I personally don't think they have saved my own life, but I think for people who don't have the same home life that I am fortunate enough to have, they have. I think One Direction gives all of us something to look up to, and to look forward to. They really have changed all of our lives in a good way, and we can all be thankful to be able to see them grow up and doing what they love to do for us. 

Are your friends fans too?: Nope. Only my Wattpad friends

Have you ever been to a concert? If so, when and where.: Sadly no. The only time they've been here was when I was on vacation. I was very upset that I had to miss it. The vacation was fun too though.

How do you react when a 1D song comes on in a public place?: I get all giddy. It's bad. And I'll sing. Sometimes dance. I don't go into total fangirl mode though. I know how to manage that.

Can you tell us why you love the Directioner fandom?:I love the Directioner fandom because we really are one big happy family. I'm so proud that we are able to make the boys happy, and that's really all that matters. I love that we can all relate even though we are so different

In your own words, tell us your definition of a Directioner.

Being a Directioner means supporting them no matter what. Whether it be with their music and their careers, or in their own personal lives. We shouldn't send hate to anyone attached to them. Yeah, we may not agree with who they date, but we can keep that to ourselves. Being a Directioner means making the boys happy, and not being all picky about the things they choose to do. We're supposed to be supportive of them.

 What are some of your other favorite artists?

I'm a huge country music fan, so I love Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Miranda Lambert. I also love Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga. Oh, and Katy Perry. That woman is and will forever be my girl crush. 

If you had to choose your favorite 1D fan fic you have read what would it be? Why?

There are so many that I like. I mean....After is one of my favorites because it is so good. I don't think it is my favorite though. I loved, and it isn't popular at all but everyone should read it, Don't Forget to Love Yourself by withmylovex. She is just an amazing writer, and friend, in general. I love everything she does and she needs more recognition. I also really liked Cold by Zaynlovesithard. She's a great writer too.

If you write books could you tell us the name of them?

I have a few. Gone Country is a Harry fic, but that's more of a side project while I work on my bigger ones. The one I'm working on now is called Beautiful Mistakes. That's a Zayn one. I am also in the process of writing a Liam AU story called Fearless that will be posted sometime after I finish Beautiful Mistakes

Before you go, what would you like to say to your fellow directioners?

You all are so amazing. I love meeting new directioners, so never be afraid to talk to me. You are all beautiful, and never change. XOXO

Wattpad name: @madeintheusaxo


Hope you enjoyed this!!! Bye!

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