Tiffany Sweet 16

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Chapter 1

“Tiffany good morning!” Kendall said slowly walking into her room and hopped on her bed. Today it her birthday! 

Kendall POV

Tiffany was still asleep looking peaceful like sleeping beauty. I gently stroke her beautiful long hair and notice that she did all of her HW all night so she can relax for the weekend. So I decided to get her dunkin donuts coffee and roses and make her breakfast pancakes with donuts and bacon. After I went to get the roses and her large french vanilla iced coffee with munchins i went back to her house and saw she still asleep so I cooked everything and set everything on a tray and set it down on her nightstand. 

“Tiffany Happy birthday love.” I whispered to her. GOSH DID I JUST SAY THAT! I stroke her face and she smiled the only sign of consciousness. “I brought you some breakfast.”  she sleepily open her eyes.

“Hi and I need help.” I sat her up and said.

“What you need?”

I bend down in front of her.

“I need a tissue and my inhaler.”

I got it for her and she blew her nose and took her inhaler. 

“I forgot to do it last night and this morning.”

she looked at the tray and smiled when she saw the birthday balloon.

“Oh Kendall thank you!”

She relaxed and enjoyed herself all day we went shopping, to the gym and I learned how to do wheelchair hockey basketball and I tried but tiff she was in the zone! After a long day I asked her while watching Spiderman. “Would you be my girlfriend?”

she pulled me into a kiss my beautiful 16 year old as her answer! Best day ever.

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