Hope (TahliFace)

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The red haired girl brushed of a bit of dirt that had been sitting on her shoulder, looking out the car window with a sigh. She had just came back from her horse riding lessons after being bucked off, yet again. She wasn't very good at riding. For some reason, horses seemed to hate her.

As the dirty girl searched the sky, she saw a star that shone far brighter than all the others. It seemed to be following the car. She smiled faintly. It beautiful. She was about to look away when the star winked at her.

Just for a moment, a wave of hope surged though her body, and she thought something she hadn't thought for a very long time.

'I'll do better next time.'


'HEY HEY HEY!!! Yup I'm back! Tahli is back! And this isn't part two of the other one shot, it's another one I wrote while looking at the stars... Well we were driving home from the farm and they were outside the window, but hey, that don't matter! Anyway hope you liked it, and yup.... See yah.



and uhh


(YEAA, I was bored and I decided to do that.. Mainly vote so there is a chance RR (rainbow rhinos) will get famous! xD)

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