Chapter 5- We meet Again

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I walked for a while until a saw a mansion in the woods. I knocked at the door.

"Welcome home, Nane." I heard a chorus of voices. "Nane?" A familiar voice said.

In front of me there was Ben, the creepy pasta from Legend of Zelda. He looked like link except he had pointy fingers and bloodshot eyes.

Next to him there was Sally, the little eight year old girl. She had cuts all over her face and she bled when I made eye contact with her.

Beside Sally, there was a tall man he had a tux in and a red tie. His face was totally white and didn't actually have a face at all. He was Slender.

The two faces I knew well where beside him. The first was Jeff the killer. He had a pale face and wore a white hoodie and black skinny pants. A smile was drawn from ear to ear. He had black hair and no eyelids.

The last 'person' was Jack. He wore all black and had a blue mask with black holes as eyes.

"I see you still have our parting gift." Jeff smiled (I think)

"Wow Jeff, you are getting softer." Jack said fingering my cuts.

"I- I don't know what to say, I thought you died!" I stuttered

"At first we did too. Then we felt alive. We sprung. Did you see the news? 'Mysterious Killings'? Those were ours!" Ben said.

"Nane? Did you know your last name means Fear?" Slender said.

"Well, yes, I did." I said. I took a seat on the couch.

"That would be an awesome killer name!" Jack said.

"Wait, wheres Jane?"  I asked.

"She is CRAZZZZYYYYY." I heard Sally say.

"Wait so what happened?" I asked.

"As I said before. We snapped. We finally got the need of kill. I am afraid I don't know why you haven't." Ben said. I frowned.

"I don't want to be..." I got cut off

"A cold-blodded killer?" Jack said.

"A scary un-known killer?" Jeff said.

"A no good child?" Ben laughed. They all shot him an angry look.

"Why can't you try it?" Sally said. They looked at me.

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