Courage the cowardly dog

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You may have heard of courage the cowardly dog. The show about a dog saving both his oblivious owners in unfortunate but supernatural events and Often getting themselves back into the same situations. Eustace was the first to pass on, he was an unhappy child growing up, as he had to deal with his mother and father's divorce and put up with living in a trailer that looked as if it could collapse at any minute. He was always the sore thumb and would never play with the other children, muttering rude and incoherent things about the others, often being known as the "stupid one" because he shut out the reality of things appearing to be dumber. Eustace's father was never around and his mother became a fatherly figure showing him tough love and treating him as any abusive father would. He always confined himself in his mother's truck for comfort, working on the engine, and finding certain parts for his mother's truck in a junk yard. He loved the car more than anyone else, or any thing. One day, Eustace was speeding down the road in an attempt to get away from his abusive, yet over baring mother. He crashed and died, his soul is currently in a purgatory state, living in a barren farm seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Muriel, the one most oblivious and a seemingly naive old woman was the second to come to purgatory. She often shut out the world around her appearing to be innocent. she loved to cook, read, and watch TV, often petting her cat while listening to the radio. Muriel, was in poor physical condition and could not control herself around food, she later became infatuated, addicted to cooking and eating... And eventually never left her house unless it was to go to the grocery store. Unfortunately, One day, while cooking, her poor condition led her to have a severe heart-attack. In her life in purgatory... She often cooks and listens to her favorite radio station while sipping tea, but is unaccompanied by her pet cat. Courage was the third the come to purgatory. However, he was not a dog in his first life, he was but an eleven year-old child. when courage was still alive, his dad was drafted into the war, often becoming over protective and more aware of his mother's where-about's. eventually His mother... Went on a business trip and never came back leaving tender courage alone to starve and soon parish. In his life as a dog he's over protective of Muriel, as she found him when he was abandon and goes with her where ever she goes so he's never left behind.

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