I woke up and saw the boys were all sitting around me. 

"Good Morning sweetie." said a black haired boy. It must have been Zayn.

"Morning.' I said, a little creeped out.

Niall said with a smile,

"Made you some breakfast, Bacon and cheese omelet.'

I reply "No thanks. I'm good but thanks anyway.'

The boys looked at each other with looks of concern. Liam said,

"Hannah, you need to eat. you didn't eat yesterday.'

I nod. All of us walk into the HUGE kitchen. I sit down at the kitchen counter. a big omelet and a glass of  orange juice are sitting in front of me. I eat without a fuss. I only eat about half.

"That was really good." I said.

"I'm glad you liked it." Niall replied.

Zayn smiled at me,

"We have a surprise for you."

"Im not good with suprises." I said worriedly. It starts today, the abuse that is. 

"Follow me upstairs." said Liam looking excited.

I started to get nervous. We get to a set of double doors. This must be the torture chamber. As they open the doors, my jaw drops.

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