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C H R I S 

"Mmm... Chris, I had a lot of fun with you tonight..." the groupie said in her very thick English accent.

Chris the Player was back at it again. I pulled a random groupie from the club last night and I decided to have some fun. Do I know her name? Hm... no. Do I care to know it? Nope. Ever since Kylie died, I couldn't bring myself to love another. All it will ever be is meanless sex. The groupie rolled from in between the sheets, picking up her underwear and clothes.

"Hey, you mind if I take a shower?" she asked, piercing my eyes with her icy blue ones.

"Eh, I'd rather you not. I have a interview in the next 45 minutes and I need to be ready by then."

I lied. *chuckle, chuckle*  

"Oh! Completely understandable. Well, alright, I'll just put on my clothes and be off."  

She put on her underwear, along with her clothes and left out. I took a minute to reminisce on the heated intercourse session we had last night. I'm not going to say she was the best, but boy, did she have a good head on her shoulders. Pun intended. I pulled the sheets off myself, rolling out of bed and heading to the bathroom. I took a shower, cleansing myself from the sex sweat and bodily fluids. I wrapped a towel around my waist, finishing up the rest of my hygiene routine. I walked out of the bathroom, back into my room. I picked out some grey, baggy sweatpants, with a black tank top, and my black Jordans. Something was still missing.   







My phone! I looked all over the room for my phone until I saw it on the floor along with a picture of me and...   Kylie.   I picked up the picture and examined it. Kylie was on my back and we both were laughing. I let out a grieving sigh, rubbing my hand through my light blonde, mixed with a little blue, curly hair. God, I missed her. She meant the world to me. If she was still here, maybe we would be married and have children. Sometimes, I think that her death was all my fault. I could've been there to save her.  I felt something hot go down my cheek from my eye; a tear. I quickly wiped it away, pulling myself together.

  "I'll always love you, Kylie.I whispered to her softly. 

 I kissed the picture gently before putting it on my nightstand neatly. My trance was interrupted by my butler, Jeffrey.  

"Mr. Brown, sir! Someone is here to see you!" he called.  

I left my room, walking down the steps to the foyer, where my butler was standing.   

"Who is it?" I asked.  

He pointed to the surveillance camera screen. It showed a little girl, no older than the age of 8 on the screen. She had curly hair and bright hazel eyes. I walked over to the speaker, pressing the "talk" button.  

"Listen, if you want to meet me, you're going to have to buy a concert ticket like everybody el-"

  "I'm not here for an autograph. I have to tell you something."

  "No, you don't. You just want to set me up. Is the paparazzi using you to get to me? I swear on everything I love, I will-"  

"Kylie Potter. You know her?" she cut me off.  

I felt my heart skip a beat. How did she know about her? 

"How do you know about her?"   "Let me in so I can tell you." she said.   I let go of the button, letting my thoughts take over.   

"Sir, if you want me to get security to escort her out, I—"

"Let her in."   Jeffrey stared at me before letting out a small sigh.   

"Very well, sir."  he said, before pressing the button that unlocked the gate.   

I opened the front door, watching as the little girl skipped her way down the hill to me.   

"Hi, my name is Charlotte." she said softly.  

"What about Kylie?" I said, cutting right to the chase.  

"Well... I don't know her personally, but I know about her." 

  "Okay and?" I said.

"My aunt told me a lot about her and she told me how you were her high school lover. I started researching about you and I decided to come—"  


I said, getting a little angry.   She jumped in fright. Her arms and hands started to shake a little bit.   

"...S-She's my mother... which makes you my father."

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