Chapter 10: Fladnag the Mad

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Kashi spent the entire night and early into the next morning hunting down the denizens of the forest. The night provided perfect cover for him as he used stealth to slither in between targets, taking them out individually, and silently. His high agility also allowed him to escape quickly if things turned hairy.

With the sun rising over the horizon, Kashi decided it was time to call it a night, He had levelled up to fourteen during the course of the night. His skills silent feet and silent take down had also leaped three levels which inadvertently raised his stealth skill too.

As Kashi left the forest to return to Kerta, several beasts, including the wolves and hyenas (who at any other time would be ripping each other apart) watched the mass murderer leave and breathed sighs of relief. There would be no attacks on each other or on the adventurers that day. There were many... too many to mourn.

Oblivious to the desolate picture behind him, Kashi arrived at Kerta where he dropped off some fox hides, the rabbit legs and other miscellaneous items at the information guild. The people who had set up the posters would be notified and they would go receive their goods. He received a total of six silver coins for his troubles and was pleased with the result.

After stocking up on rye bread and water from a local shop, Kashi decided it was time to set out for Fladnag's home.

He equipped the full recruit's set; deciding not to take any chances with the Direwolves. In most games, they ranged from levels of twenties to fifties; it rested solely on the creator's preference. North of town, the Direwolves were at level twenty but his instincts told him the ones guarding forests to the south were much more dangerous. Since the beginning of the game, all the users who had entered the forest never returned regardless of their level; this caused the adventurers to shy away from there and they headed north instead .

Kashi took his time walking across the plains south of Kerta. As usual, his soot-black skin drew unwanted attention, but he did not notice. This was because he was deep in thought on how to proceed. The biggest drawback of being one of the first players of a game with no beta test was finally beginning to show: Lack of information.

More than ninety-nine percent of the full continent was yet to be mapped. This meant that in order to obtain those maps, players had to step into the unknown; This would not have been an issue if not for the promise of true death. No sane person who had obtained a high level would want to lose their character after so much work put into it. This left exploring to the residents who sold maps at exorbitant prices and a few crazy individuals like Kashi.

No one had mapped the southern forest; This meant he would be going blind into an area with a hundred percent death rate, looking for a man he had never met, who would probably kill him on sight.

"Difficulty E my ass." Kashi chuckled softly. He walked to the 'border' of the forest, formulating different scenarios in his mind.

Kashi's actions drew even more attention and the adventurers close to the forst watched with pity as he dissapeared into the thicket.

"Another one bites the dust huh."

"Poor guy. No one must have told him not to go there."

"Dumb noobs. They never learn till they die."


The forest was quiet - too quiet. There were no birds singing, no leaves rustling in the wind; it seemed time itself had stopped flowing. Despite the silence, every nerve in Kashin was on high alert. He felt eyes on him, but could not tell where they came from.

As he progressed, the forest grew denser, the branches of the trees blocking the sunlight till the forest descended into darkness. Kashi used <<Silent Feet>> to explore the forest, hoping he did not run into any foes.

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