Crazy Girl

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Tia's POV

Then the vampires continued to do whatever they were doing before.

"Ugh..."I groaned.

"What's wrong with you two?"I heard a familiar voice ask.

I looked up and saw Harry ,Zayn,Liam and Louis.

"Rollercoaster. "Me and Justin said At the same time.

"I feel better."Justin said as he stood up.

I nodded in agreement.

Then I stood up too.

"Never again."I said.

Then Justin nodded in agreement.

"I would expect this from Tia, but not you Justin."Louis said while  laughing.

Then the rest of the joined in.

Except me and Justin.

"What do you mean you would expect it from me?"I asked.

"I mean I would expect you to throw up because your small, but I wo-" I cut him off.

"I am not small."I protested.

"You kinda are."Justin said.

"Whatever."I mumbled.

"I'm hungry."Niall said.

"There's a hotdog stand over there."Liam said as he pointed at the stand.

Quickly, Niall ran over to the stand.

Then the same girl from the basketball booth walked up to Justin.

"Hey, my name's Natalie and I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me since I'm off shift,you know like a date?"Natalie asked.

Then Justin quickly glanced over at me.

"Uhhh...I can't..."Justin trailed off.

"Why not?"Natalie asked.

"Because I have a girlfriend."Justin told her.

Then he quickly glanced over at me again and pulled me close to him.

"Oh."Natalie mumbled while staring me down.

If stares could kill, I'd be 10 feet underground.

"Yeaaaaaaa....."Justin said.

"Bye."Natalie said ,then walked off.

As soon as Natalie left, I punched Justin on his chest.

Then he let go of me.

"What was that for?"he asked while laughing.

I decided to ignore him.

The guys just stood there with a confused look on their faces.

"What was that about?"Zayn asked.

"Looking I really don't feel like explaining."I told them.

"Their hotdogs are so good."Niall said.

"We should get home."Harry said.

*At home*

Justin's POV

I was in my room listening to music when Niall rudely intruded into my room.

"Hey, umm there's this fucking method that's called knocking on a door when you want your entrance wish granted, you should try that some damn time!"I said yelling the last part.

"Yeaa, anyway what was that about?"Niall asked.

"What are you talking about?"I asked.

"The making Tia your fake girlfriend just to reject that Natalie girl thing."Niall said.

"Oh....I only did that so I could get out of hanging out with that Natalie girl."I told him.

"Why would you do, she was pretty!?"Niall asked/told Me.

I shrugged.

Then Tia appeared in my room

"Natalie is a PSYCHO! "Tia yelled as she handed me a piece of paper.

I read the paper.


I know that Justin was lying about you being his girlfriend, stay away from him, if you don't, I know where you live ,he's mine!


P.S. : You better not tell anyone.

That girl is crazy.

I looked up at Tia and she looked pissed.

Then soon her eyes turned red.

Then she started pacing back and forth.

I quickly stood up and grabbed Tia's arms.

"Calm. down."I told her.

"The hell, she CAN'T tell me what to do!"she yelled.

"Trust me she isn't stronger than you, so you know what ,fuck her."I tried to sooth her.

Then she ran out of the room.

Me and Niall followed Tia into her room and Liyah was on the bed with an confused expression on her face.

"What are you doing?"Liyah asked.

"Getting a ski mask so I can go find Natalie. "Tia bluntly stated while searching through her drawers.

Me and Niall quickly ran over to Tia and grabbed her arm.

"I'm only going to say this once, GET OFF OF ME!"she screamed the last four words.

Then Liam,Louis,Harry and Zayn came into the room.

"What's going on?"Harry asked.

"Natalie, the girl from the carnival told Tia that if she doesn't stay away from me, Then something will happen to her and Tia got angry and now she's getting a ski mask to go find Natalie ."I told them.

I know I said Natalie was crazy,

But Tia is way crazier.

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