I am so sorry this is late. I have been so friggin busy lately, and Terrin just got a girlfriend who hates my guts, Nalla is freaking out about boys, and I have just been busy with school. I have finals this week and don't know when I will have time to write. I will try as hard as I can to upload sometime this week. I will have so much time to write during the two weeks I will have off for the holidays, so excpet a lot more over the next couple of weeks.

Kayleena POV

I groaned. I felt horrible, I don’t even know what is happening at the moment. I slowly opened my eyes to see the entire football team and Terrence. The light got to much to handle and I quickly shut my eyes. I probably made a very unattractive face as my whole body suddenly hurt. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, but every move hurt. “Wha- whe- What happened?” I asked gritting my teeth.  “I guess what’s my cue right? So what I saw was Kayleena being dragged down the sidewalk by a group of girls. They all looked about your age. I got suspicious and followed behind them, leaving Annabeth over there in charge.” Terrence said, and he probably pointed to a coworker. “I remember now….” I started off. “Angel said she needed to talk to me, then I remembering being in a lot of pain. Angel did something to me, then I woke up in a room that was windowless and kind of dark… I was scared. There was voices outside the door. I cried out several times. When the door finally opened it was so bright I closed my eyes, I felt pain again, and blacked out. When I opened my eyes again I was in a different room. I was in a bedroom of some sort. There was a pillow and I was on something comfortable. I was scared and I freaked out when the door opened. Someone came over to me and slapped their hand over my mouth. They whispered in my ear not to scream, My heart beat faster as I realized it was Terrence.” I said opening my eyes. The light hurt but I can’t keep my eyes closed forever. Dillon pushed everyone out of the way and hugged me close. I hugged him back. “I’m ok.” I whispered in his ear as he hugged me. I was laid slowly back down as Dillon released me from his death grip. “I don’t know you, and I don’t think I like you for hold Leena the way you were. But thank you for saving her. It means a lot to me that she is safe.” Dillon said as he grabbed my hand and looked over to Terrence. I laughed a little even though it hurt. Dillon and Terrence both looked at me. “Ew. Dillon. He is ……. like …. my brother.” I said in between hisses of pain. Dillon quickly shot a look at me, then Dillon and lastly Lisa who confirmed the information with a head nod. Dillon let out a breath he was holding, and once again hugged me. After he pulled away he surprised everyone by hugging Terrence. “Um… dude… can you like not, thanks that would be great.” Terrence said trying to get out of Dillon’s hold. I laughed again, then winced in pain. “Can you guys stop staring at me and get me to the hospital….. My everything hurts right now.” I complained as I found the strength to curl myself into a ball and let out a dramatic sigh. I did hurt, but to be honest I just wanted to get out of here and sleep. “I will take her.” The entire football team said and went to pick me up. I was an important part of the football team, quarterback’s other half. With out me Lisa would fall apart and would never be able to play as good as she always had, same with me if I didn’t have Lisa I would never pick up a paint brush again. “How about we all go finish the birthday surprise and Lisa can take her?” Jacob said to the rest of the team. I saw them all shake their heads, this surprise must be a big deal. “T-minus 18 hours until we get to see our surprise.” Lisa said as she supported my weight as we slowly walked to Jacob’s car. Apparently Lisa was in no condition to drive when she found out I was missing. We got to the hospital and Lisa checked me in as I sat on the couch. I was taken back sooner than I thought, I mean I wasn’t dying or giving birth… There are clearly people who need to be looked at more than I do. After they did all of their tests and a couple more “Just to be safe”  I decided it was a good time to take a nap. I woke up about five minutes later and saw the doctor and Lisa hovering over me. I breathed out an awkward sigh/yawn. “I have news and you may not like it.” I prepared myself for the worse, I probably broke something like my wrist or ankle. Maybe I have a huge ugly bump on my head. Maybe it is “You have cancer.” the doctor spit out cutting off all my thoughts. “I- I- What?” I cried. “You have a cancer growing in your brain. We may be able to remove it, but we will have to do a lot more tests first.” The doctor said looking down at his notes.

Don't hate me you have no Idea what I am thinking at the moment. It will all work out, no one is dying...... YET! ;) I love you all, have a safe Winter season, hope you have a lot of snow days and can pass your finals and what not! :) 

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