-Rick's P.O.V- 

My eyes squeezed shut as I clamped my teeth onto my pillow. The build in my lower stomach was making me want to scream for no reason. 

I was finding it really hot in the room and all the blood rushed to my head downstairs. 

"Ugh.." I groaned into my pillow. Josh's warm mouth lapped over me again, his tongue licking up the underside of my shaft. "This is ah... So w-wrong," I complained, being stubborn. I didn't want to feel this way from something Josh was doing. 

I looked back down to my duvet in the dark and saw it bob up and down. 

"Fuck, J-josh, sta-ahp!" I tried to sound angry, but it wasn't working. Not. At. All.

My eyes shot open widely when he pulled me out of his mouth and took my balls instead. He sucked my balls, literally! 

"Oh my God," I moaned, throwing my head back. I quickly slapped a hand over my mouth, mentally scolding myself for that moan. Bad, Rick. Bad! 

But fuck was this good!

Josh's right hand wrapped around my shafts and he pumped, twisting my skin at the same time. My balls were released from his mouth again, but it drove me crazy when he began dragging his nails so lightly zig-zag over them.

Next thing I know, he has his lips around my dick head, licking, sucking, biting and kissing.

I threw my pillow aside and fisted the sheet of my bed tightly. An overwhelming feeling of wanting to just grab Josh's head and slam myself down his throat until I came, but of course I didn't do it. Are you crazy?

I was starting to feel lightheaded, my stomach was about to explode with that annoyingly good buzzing feeling and my heart was about to run out of my chest from the rhythm I was breathing.

"J-josh, God.. P-ple-eh.. Please s-sto-oh-p," I pleaded him, too embarrassed to admit that I was about to actually come by his mouth and hands. I whimpered as I fought with everything I had to keep it in, but all of a sudden his mouth opened wide. He grabbed my hips and moved them, making me stroke inside his mouth, hitting the back of his throat.

I groaned, nearly feeling pain for keeping it in, but I might just kill myself if I come in his mouth.

My lower head was throbbing, so ready to let go, it was scaring me. I'm never going to see the day of light if I let him finish me off, he's gonna tell everyone! I'm gonna be considered some gay manwhore! Mandy's gonna k-

"Oh my God! Sweet Jesus!" I cried out and snapped my hips forward forcefully. A gagging sound was heard under my duvet as black spots appeared in my vision. The buzzing in my stomach went away and I could hear my heart pumping in both my head and junk. It was throbbing!

My thoughts were all clouded and I suddenly felt a hell of a lot more relaxed than earlier. I felt some kind of liquidy substance leak out of Josh's mouth and run down my length, but before I could even make out what it was. His head pulled back and licked away all the sticky substance.

Then a mop of very messy black hair came up from under my duvet. It was unnaturally warm in here. He looked up at me with slightly questionable eyes, then he pulled himself up further. He kept his body really close to mine. 

"How did you like that?" Josh asked, moving my hair out of my face.

"I don't know about all this yet, but I'm pretty sure you usually share a kiss before you give head," I said, making him smirk. His thumb swept over my bottom lip and he looked me in the eyes.

"I can always give you a kiss, but I'm giving you a warning. If I kiss you now, you're gonna taste your own cum," he said erotically, licking his lips. I scrunch my nose up and quickly slid down, hiding under my duvet. No, he wasn't under my duvet anymore. He had been straddling me, but now his knees were on each side of my chest.

Yes, I'm totally shying away now.

"Oh, come on. You're not shy now, are you?" Josh asked, not really trying to pull my duvet off. When he did try, it went off me without any problem. Josh looked down at me, sitting his ass on my stomach. 

I looked up at him, my blue eyes wide open, like a deer caught in the headlight. 

Josh chuckled and poked my nose.

"That's a cute face, babe. When are we doing this again?" he asked making me squirm uncomfortably underneath him.

"Never?" I tried, making him crack a smirk.

"Wrong answer, I was thinking... Janitor's closet on Monday?" he asked me, looking quite serious.

"Uhm... Yeah, right. Not gonna happen." I shook my head. He climbed off me and walked to his pile of clothes. I shut my eyes tightly when he started pulling down his pants.

"I'm dressed," he said after a bit. I cracked one eye open, then the other when I saw he actually was dressed.

Josh went over to me again, cupping my face in his hands. He scanned my face with no emotion on his, then he frowned slightly but shook it away. He smirked again and leaned down, kissing the corner of my mouth, then he stood back up. Josh drove his left hand through my hair a couple of times, then he nodded and went to the door and left without a word.

I sighed and stood up and walked to my bathroom. I turned on the shower and stripped down to nothing. The shower was good. It gave me time to think and that was something I really needed actually. 

After about 30 minutes in the shower, me mainly just standing there, running my hand through my hair, I shut it off and grabbed a towel.

I wrapped it around my waist and took a new one to dry my hair, then just strolled back into my bathroom and flopped onto my bed, falling asleep right away.

Jesus, who knew it was so tiring to get a bj?

Sertainly not I!

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